Monday for Meriam

First off, since Sudan has said in the past 
that they are going to release Meriam 
and then turned around and said, 
“No we aren’t”
then I propose we keep praying and
 advocating until we see confirmed 
news footage 
{not just newsprint}
of Meriam out of prison!!
Today we are praying
and some are fasting for the immediate release of
who sits on Death Row in a Sudan prison for being a Christian.
She  has been sentenced to hang when her baby is weaned,
but not before receiving her 100 lashes
{which she was to receive imminently}. 
Meriam is married to an American 
and her two babies sit with her in prison.
Her babies are also US citizens because their father
is an American citizen.
When media attention was on Sudan and Meriam’s
plight, Sudan issued a statement that they were going to release
Sudan’s “we’re going to release her” was nothing more than a 
plot to take the public outcry and world attention off Sudan.
many of you have committed to fasting and
praying for Meriam today.
Thank you.
I also know that many of you are dealing with situations
that are painful and troubling to your soul.
Personally speaking, there is nothing that quiets my soul like fasting.
There is nothing that moves mountains like prayer and fasting.
Today as we pray and fast for Meriam’s release,
we bring your needs to the throne of grace as well.

Here are some practical things to do to advocate for Meriam:
1.  First, please stop and pray for Meriam…for strength,
grace, peace, health, favor, protection and her immediate release.
Please pray that they not inflict her with her 100 lashes punishment.
2.  Write or call  to the Embassy of Sudan and politely request 
that they release Dr. Meriam Ibrahim and her two children, at:
Embassy Of The Republic Of Sudan
2210 Massachusetts Ave
Washington DC, 20008 
Ph: 202.338.8565
Fax: 202.667.2406
Since Sudan’s Embassy never, ever

answers their phone, 
let’s WRITE to them!! 

{I haven’t written to them yet, 
but plan to tonight,
although seconds ago a new one has run to the
commode throwing up….}
3.  Call the White House to urge President Obama to speak out against
 Dr. Ibrahim’s treatment in Sudan and to request she be 
given an immediate visa to travel to the US with her children. 

{Meriam just gave birth to a baby girl in prison weeks ago 
and has her 21 month old son with her as well.}
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

There is nothing wrong with calling each day until 
Meriam is released or until we hear that the administration has 
done something to allow Meriam to come to live with her 
American citizen husband. 

4.  Here are the links to the petitions to sign and 
please encourage others to sign as well…

5.  Spread the word. 
Ask family, friends and prayer groups to pray 
and take action for Meriam.
Do not assume that your friends and 
family already know about Meriam.
Ask if they have signed the petition!!

The other day while at the doctors with Ruby
I began a conversation with one of those tending 
to her.  They had not heard of Meriam and her
situation.  So don’t assume that everyone 
already knows and has done something!!

8 thoughts on “Monday for Meriam

  1. I don't know if this is true but I pray it is. On our Christian radio station status on facebook they were saying that FOX news reported that she has been released!!! Praying fervently that she has been and we'll see pics of her and her husband together free soon!!!!

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