Need Some Encouragment? {The Envelope}

Need to be reminded that God specifically answers our prayers?
Need a bit of encouragement that the Lord has your back?
Need to remember that He is moving behind the scenes on your behalf??
I asked a few weeks back if anyone had a story to share about how God had answered prayer when they prayed specifically….
Celebrate with me this letter from a bloggy friend who lives on the other side of the country….

Hi Linny,
Don’t know if you have heard me screaming God’s praises from where you are lately, but we have much to celebrate here in my part of the country.   Honestly, I have hesitated to share our news in such a public way.  Not because I’m ashamed, but because I don’t want others to over look the mircales in the mundane.  We often (ok I do) look at other people’s huge answers to prayer and don’t see the little, sweet, carefully crafted answers that are right in front of us.
Here’s my “Praying Specifically” story:
 Two years ago God spoke to me about praying the impossible:  I started to pray for another adoption from China.   An adoption that was totally funded by God.   Hubby was not on board and my dear son, though he said he wanted a brother, was not really either.  
BUT God moved mountains (another story for another time) and a year ago we started the process for a young boy with significant heart defects.  Talk about stepping out of our comfort zone!  
Finances were a HUGE issue.  I do not like to ask for help, and fundraising felt like begging to  me.  But God spoke to me and told me that if He was to be glorified I had to let others know of my need.  So I did.  We raised about $1000.  Then things ground to a halt.
It had been a long, cold, dark winter here where we live.  Both physically and spiritually.  By March I was doubting the hand of God, and wondering if this child was really ours to bring home.  
By April our adoption agency was wondering what was going on and issued us a stern warning about the length of time this was taking.  The second week of April I prayed specifically 

(1) that God would be more than clear 
(2) He would provide the next bit of money we needed 
(3) that He would significantly change some family members hearts.  
The Monday of the next week I was given an envelope by a friend who told me he wanted to be a part of our adoption.  I thanked him and walked away, thanking God for the small sum we needed.  When I opened the envelope I had to count the zeroes on the check three times before I would believe what I saw.  
Inside there was enough to completely cover our adoption!!  
Minus travel expenses.  
I have been hyperventilating ever since.
We are having a garage sale this weekend, to raise the last bit of money.  It is supposed to rain.  My sweet, precious son said to me, “Mom, God gave us all that other money to bring Brother home.  You know he can take care of the weather.  Just trust Him.” 
That sums it all up.  

Just trust him.   

He is faithful to answer our specific prayers.  

Big and small. 
A bloggy friend,
PS  Oh, and those family members hearts?  Let’s just say they are donating items to our garage sale, with a smile and a giggle of glee.  God is soooooo good.
Bloggy friends:
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