You and Me: Family Meeting {now}

Does anyone else out there have Family Meetings?
We have them on a fairly regular basis.
Sometimes our meetings are informational. 
Other times they are exuberantly exciting.
Rarely they are totally boring. 
Occasionally they are very, very long.
And every now and then they are very, very serious.
Do you know what I mean?
The kind where the kids come together with that look like, 
“Uh-oh, what’s going on?”
Well over the last few days as I have been praying
about this post and trying to gather my thoughts, 
I just knew I had to call a “Family Meeting” today 
with the friends who regularly stop by 
our sweet Place Called Simplicity.
So grab a cool drink 
{unless you live in Montana, like my friends M & M – 
in which case they had better grab a hot tea}….
This Family Meeting is intended for those 
who stop by regularly, 
have heard my heart often and 
kind of ‘know’ me.  
So let’s pretend that all of you bloggy friends 
were able to come to my home today for a 

family meeting

We would have plenty of ice cold yummy fruit-infused water on hand
 and I’d hug your necks and there would be tears, no doubt….

Then when everyone quieted down 
{like that would ever happen – ha!} 
 here’s what I would eventually say:
“Thank you all so much for coming.  
Thank you each  for being such a blessing to my soul.  
You really, truly have no idea how your tender lovin’ 
toward my family and I has been a true buoying force 
over the years.  In fact your prayers 
have been felt across state lines, country borders, faraway continents and vast oceans.   
I am so very, very, very grateful for each of you!”
Of course I would introduce you to our treasures and I would show you what
Ruby has learned to do! 

I finally have it recorded on my phone, now I just have to figure 
how to get it on to Youtube – next week, I pray!
I’d surely giggle as I told you that one of the kids began throwing up about the same time
 Ruby had her first bite of a gluten free cupcake on her birthday Monday night 
and two others have gotten sick as well…
and sleep has been little and then 
we also had some not-so-fun medical appointments this week in the midst of it all 
and somehow by God’s amazing grace, 
I managed to “get ‘er done” even though I was flying solo.  
And eventually with tears in my eyes I would say, 
“Okay, so here’s what I need to share with each of you
and it’s something that is really serious
and this will be one of the LONG meetings…..
Please hear my heart….
Sweet friends, there are times in our lives that we are
confronted with the reality of this world and at times that
reality can cause us feel very uncomfortable.   It 
can make us want to stick our fingers in our ears, shut
our eyes and repeat wildly, “Just think happy thoughts, just 
think happy thoughts, just think happy thoughts”….
Other times, because we live in such an age of technology, 
we can hear about something that needs justice and we
are able to respond quickly with some computer savvy
tidbits but in a matter of minutes, hours or even days 
what once we felt outraged about no longer even
crosses our mind. 

Which brings me to this not-so-fun topic:
What are we going to do about Meriam?
Are we going to leave her there?
Can we just turn our backs and ignore her plight?
Her children are American citizens!!
Meriam is on Death Row because of her faith in Christ!!
Meriam’s situation produced such outrage worldwide
when her story broke – 
Nations and people around the world were absolutely
mortified that a beautiful young physician was on Death Row in Sudan because of her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ!!
Rightfully so!  
And within a day or two came the completely false reports 
that Meriam was going to be released and the once-outraged
folks cheered and most moved on.
But that all turned out to be a 
stinkin’ bag of horrible lies….

and by the time it was realized that it was all unfounded 
rumors, the momentum was completely gone!!!!  

Most news outlets are not even mentioning her.

At all.  

But friends, 
How can we turn our backs?  

Can we pretend Meriam doesn’t exist?

Can we ignore her vulnerable little children?  

Can we not do more??

The White House has to respond to the petition that
was started on May 28th, IF there are 100,000 signatures
by June 28th.
Pre-bag of lies, the signatures were coming in like wildfire,
and after the “she’s going to be released” they 
slowed to a measly trickle.
So if you were in my home, here’s what I would be asking:

Let’s brainstorm….

What else can we do as a FAMILY?

** I’m open to all ideas.
If you have any, please email me at: 
Subject:  What Else Can We Do?
I cannot promise responding to each email.**

Here is the obvious, as I mentioned before:

1.  First, please stop and pray for Meriam…for strength,
grace, peace, health, favor, protection and her immediate release.
Please pray that they not inflict her with her 100 lashes punishment.
2.  Write or call  to the Embassy of Sudan and politely request 
that they release Dr. Meriam Ibrahim and her two children, at:
Embassy Of The Republic Of Sudan
2210 Massachusetts Ave
Washington DC, 20008 
Ph: 202.338.8565
Fax: 202.667.2406
Since Sudan’s Embassy never, ever

answers their phone, 
let’s WRITE to them!! 

{I haven’t written to them yet, 
but plan to tonight,
although seconds ago a new one has run to the
commode throwing up….}
3.  Call the White House to urge President Obama to speak out against
 Dr. Ibrahim’s treatment in Sudan and to request she be 
given an immediate visa to travel to the US with her children. 

{Meriam just gave birth to a baby girl in prison weeks ago 
and has her 21 month old son with her as well.}
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

There is nothing wrong with calling each day until 
Meriam is released or until we hear that the administration has 
done something to allow Meriam to come to live with her 
American citizen husband. 

4.  Here are the links to the petitions to sign and 
please encourage others to sign as well…

5.  Spread the word. 
Ask family, friends and prayer groups to pray 
and take action for Meriam.
Do not assume that your friends and 
family already know about Meriam.
Ask if they have signed the petition!!

Yesterday, while at the doctors with Ruby
I began a conversation with one of those tending 
to her.  They had not heard of Meriam and her
situation.  So don’t assume that everyone 
already knows and has done something!!


Lastly, would you be willing to pray 
{and fast}

for a day 
{or partial day} 
for God to intervene on Meriam’s behalf?

I was thinking of Monday!!

June 23rd, 2014


She’s on Death Row – dear friends!!

As a “family” here at 
Our Place Called Simplicity
we cannot sit back 
and ignore Meriam’s situation.

Thank you for coming to our home
for this meeting.

Please let’s pray, brainstorm,
fast and act together!!

Remember those who are in prison, 
as though in prison with them, 
and those who are mistreated, 
since you also are in the body.
Hebrews 13:3

*You are welcome to share this post, to encourage others to do something….*

14 thoughts on “You and Me: Family Meeting {now}

  1. Thank you for bringing this up. I was driving to a dental appointment this ( Australian time) wondering about Meriam and how the news is now silent. I was going to ?Google when I got home to see if could find out the latest news. I know have friends that believe she was released. Will join in prayer on 23rd. ith you all.

  2. I don't have any ideas beyond the great ones you have already mentioned. But I will say that because of your blog, I have been able to share with numerous FB friends who all posted the "good news" that was really fake. Each time I would see their post saying it was over, I'd link them to your update about what was really true. (I hope that was okay.)

    On Monday, I will be flying to my own mama and daddy in the USA with my own little boy who was not born in the USA but who is, by right and passport, an American citizen. As I cross a border and fly to my original home, I will be talking to Jesus about Meriam who needs to be flying to the USA with her two children. How perfect that a day when I am traveling and thus keenly aware of my privilege of citizenship would be a day when we would be praying for someone else who ought to be granted that same privilege. It will keep me remembering. We will not forget.

    1. I am so grateful Inkling that you are able to pray on Monday and that you will be flying toward your parents that day!! Pretty amazing in my humble opinion. I felt emotion when I read your words: We will not forget.

      Thank you so much – we can't forget – Christ didn't forget us!

  3. We are still praying here. Not much help for American petitions, but we can pray the American officials will respond and God will move them for His glory.
    Thank you for keeping this fresh in minds.
    Big Hugs and lots of prayer for you and the poorly kiddos.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Was thinking of Meriam today so I prayed for her. I did write to her, will write to the Sudan embassy about releasing her. Praying and fasting a good thing. That can work! Thanks for the virtual invite to your home! Hugs!

  5. This story has been weighing very heavy on my heart. I have been praying and letting others know this issue is still not resolved. It just breaks my heart. I will keep spreading the story for as long as it takes!!

  6. Thank you for continuing to bring this to the attention of so many. It is heartbreaking that there are no new stories in the press about Meriam I have found another website called Christian Solidarity Worldwide (perhaps someone else has already mentioned it) where there is also a petition and also suggestions on how to pray for Meriam and her family.

  7. Wow! Just checked the news feeds at work and several reputable sources say that Meriam is to be released! I am almost in tears here at my desk and just praying that this time it is true!

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