I Used to Wonder

No doubt there have been plenty of friends, family
and strangers who have wondered
{at least secretly}
how we care for one so severely medically fragile
and so “involved”.
I’m even quite certain there are some
who wonder how could we love 
someone with so many needs?
Yes, I know, without a doubt, 
 people have wondered that.
Because I used to wonder that about others 
I knew who had children 
who were extremely involved.

And then we found Ruby
all that wondering stopped.  

No more wondering….
I’m sure for most it’s a well-intentioned fleeting thought
because they watch us love her and they ‘know’ 
we are hopelessly smitten with this miracle girl.
But still they have wondered….
Well, it’s truly hard to put into words,
but if I could have a giant platform with the 
ability to speak to the world
I would grab the opportunity to show them pictures like these
and tell them Ruby’s miracle story
and the organizer of the event would
have to grab me and drag me off
because I could easily go on for hours and hours…
actually even days….
Pleading with the world to look at special needs
as God sees them…
Treasures from His heart – 
sent to bring a dimension to our lives that can only be done 
because we are family.  
Doing life together.  
Today Elijah asked me if he could play with Ruby on her Ipad
{suggested by her Occupational Therapist for a variety of reasons}
so we bought one used….
I set her in the corner of the couch and started tending to some
I came over and found this.
His arm around her playing Toca Boca Kitchen….  
doing life together…
Usually Ruby has a hair bow on her sweet head
so I tucked one on her and 
came back in a few minutes to snap some pictures….
Like him talking to her….
They were giggling together –
but I didn’t catch that….
But he talks to her and loves her and 
she adores him…
And we could not imagine how void our lives would be
without the privilege of this precious treasure.
Oh, if only the world could see the joy
she brings us day in and day out…
and how much we long for every child to know the 
joy of family.

6 thoughts on “I Used to Wonder

  1. Love those kids of yours. And feeling gypped over the fact that I haven't met your littlest yet!
    The beauty of compassion – right inside your family. They know that THEY are treasured, and can treasure others.

    Love you so, so much!

  2. Linny- Would you please be in prayer with us for a family that has been trying to bring their sweet treasure home from Uganda for 12 weeks now? Their names are Nick and Amy Terry and their sweet girl is Sharon who is about 4. Nick and their other 2 children (5 and 3) had to return to the states after about 6 weeks, so Amy is by herself with Sharon. They did not pass their exit interview so their visa was denied on Wednesday. They were granted another exit interview tomorrow- if the birthmother's testimony does not match more closely to the written statement, they will send her paperwork to Nairobi and they will request that Amy leave Sharon in the care of someone else and return home until they can "figure things out." I have been calling everyone I know that is passionate about orphan care and adoption asking them to pray for the Terry's. God kept bringing you to mind, so I am asking you if you and your family would pray that the Lord will move whatever mountains are necessary to bring her home to her forever family. Thank you for the voice you give to voiceless. Your words have encouraged my heart so many times and I thank you for your transparency. In His Amazing Love- Emily Bowers

  3. It is so sweet to see your family's deep love for Ruby! Ever since our youngest daughter, who had cerebral palsy, died, we have had a strong desire to adopt children with special needs. Twice we have tried to go through the process, but have been shut down by roadblocks so big it has seemed impossible we will ever get there. I believe though, that God put this desire in our hearts for a reason, and I'm trusting that somehow, someday, He will make it happen.

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