Isaiah and Elizabeth Publicly Speak Up About Ruby

Last night, during the Monday night football pre-game show Elizabeth and Isaiah
 had the incredible opportunity to speak out about what it is like to have 
Ruby as their sister. 
But first let me back up a bit…
Hope Kids is an amazing organization which puts together
events for the families of treasures with life-threatening illnesses.
Ruby is our Hope Kid
and a few times each month we go to special 
events designed to bless families like ours.
It is extraordinarily wonderful to watch a movie
in a theatre and know that it’s okay if Ruby shrieks,
because we are surrounded by other Hope Kids and their
families.  There is a special bond knowing that we all 
have medical challenges and there are some 
days that are definite struggles.
A few weeks back we went with Hope Kids to 
an Arizona Cardinals practice.
At the stadium they have apparatus’ 
which the kids can try as a mock-up to 
the real football practices.
We also were able to have a flag we were given 
It was a blast!
As it turns out the movie station was there
and wanted to interview our kids.
Below is their interview as it aired last night 
in the pre-game show before the Arizona Cardinals
Monday night football game.
How incredibly blessed we are to share
Ruby’s story {again!}
with the world around us 
reminding everyone that it is a blessing and a
privilege to that Ruby is ours.
Unfortunately I cannot link the video, 
however, it is on my Facebook Wall and 
I have made it public.
Click here to see it:

4 thoughts on “Isaiah and Elizabeth Publicly Speak Up About Ruby

    1. They do make good ambassadors, don't they? We had no idea that the media would be there, nor did they get to "prep"…it was really beautiful to hear what their thoughts were about the blessing of Ruby!

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