Log Cabin Living: One Sizzlin’ Idea

This week-end Log Cabin living series…
In my heart of hearts, pre-Ruby, I longed to move to a remote area 
{with the desert weather!} 
where we could enjoy Log Cabin Living 
{like the one pictured above}
as a sweet family.  It would be nestled in an area 
“a hundred miles” from civilization…
{see, I really am an introvert}.   
I am so grateful that I had the privilege of living in our little log home
before we lost it in a fire. 

No doubt, with Ruby’s fragile health, there is not even an albeit 
brief possibility of entertaining such a wild and crazy idea 
{unless God totally heals her – 
which is, of course, totally possible!}.  

 In the meantime, we embrace our beautiful home in the city of Phoenix, 
with close proximity to Phoenix Children’s Hospital while 
we enjoy to the fullest the spectacularly gorgeous Phoenix 
weather and all the perks of big city living!!

The series will be an on-going and I will share our version of 
large family living, on a very limited budget while practicing Simplicity.  
We invite to share this journey with us.  
As always, there are plenty of ways to do life.  

We humbly welcome you in
to our home.  

Please be nice.    

So here’s a rather crazy idea
that I love.

Dare ya’ to try it.

So, having already mentioned that I hate chemicals and
attempting to live without as many as possible in
our lives…

and in an effort to use products that we naturally buy…

Here’s one simple money-saving idea in our home:


Here’s what we do….

Take a nice handful of
Baking Soda.

Yes, that’s right.

Baking Soda.

Spread it throughout your scalp.

Work it in.

It’s gritty.

It’s grainy.

It’s funky feeling.

It’s kind feels like ya’ shouldn’t.

But it’s okay.

Go ahead.

Work it in good.

All over your head.

Then, when you feel like it’s worked in nicely….

Take a jar of ….

Wait for it….


Yes, Vinegar….

and sprinkle or pour it all over  your head.

Keep your eyes tightly closed!

Vinegar will sting a bit and perhaps make your
eyes red, but it doesn’t cause harm
and heck, it’s *not* a chemical
like when you get shampoo in your eyes, right?

The vinegar interaction with the baking soda
will sizzle and fizzle.

It sounds pretty cool…
like snap, crackle and pop…
and feels so amazingly sparkly!

Ya’ almost want to leave it awhile
and enjoy the bubblies.

When you’re ready,
rinse your whole head off.

Your hair will shine like none other


 if you have curly hair,
it will bring out the natural curl in the most
stupendous way.


Dare ya’ to try it.

The sizzle will at least make you giggle!

9 thoughts on “Log Cabin Living: One Sizzlin’ Idea

  1. We really are soul sisters! We do this as well. Here is a recipe for getting the beachy look. 1 TBS hair gel something natural with no chemicals…1 cup warm water..1TBS coconut oil..1TBS sea salt. You could even add a drop of lavender oil.

  2. I tried this on my boys tonight. They were not impressed. I'm next – bring on the curls. My post-chemo hair is quite curly. Can't wait to see what baking soda & vinegar do.

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