A Poem: Two Little Fellas…

 Walking through The Gem Foundation one day….
A little fella was a’screaming away.  
Nap time should be kinda quiet ya’ know,

But Caleb had something he desperately needed though….

Both legs in casts and unable to move, twist or bend,

Oh me.  His head by-golly needed to get to the other end,

Scream, scream and scream some more…

Surely someone will walk through that door!

Just why wouldn’t someone come and set Caleb free?

So his best buddy Collins he would be able to see!!

It was about then that this silver-haired Mimi moseyed on by

And knew in an instant she had to try,

To settle precious Caleb the other way

Why of course flipping his body just made his day….

After all, the plan, it just could not fail,
Because suddenly their fingers were reachin’ right 
through the ol’ rail,
Completely and instantly the screaming had stopped 
As soon as Caleb’s sweet little body was at the other end plopped
What was once a face filled with bits of fear
Was now turned and thoroughly grinning ear to ear…
Squeezing fingers and playing together
Precious friends they’ll be totally forever…
And really, just think with me….
How frustrating it must always be
To be trapped in your body and not ever free…
Until that silver-haired Mimi comes strolling in
And she understands and you start to grin…
Mimi slides the cribs over closer end to end
And you start to move and bend and bend 

The buddy’s hands are now touchin’ and really sweet
And that’s a feeling that obviously can’t be beat!!
Cause these two little guys, both smarter than smart.
Sure love each other with all their heart.

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