Crazy Dreams

Recently I was commiserating to the Lord about a crazy dream I had and wanted to do 
again but didn’t think there was anyway it would be possible.  
We’d done it before {twice} and there was no logical way we could do it again.  
It seemed to me, as I pondered it all, that I would just have to revel in the thought that 
we had had the privilege of doing it twice before and leave it at that.
But the Lord knew my heart.  It was more than just a longing.  It was a feeling of 
antsy mixed with anticipation. 
 The Lord had to be up to something.  
It was all too crazy.
Surprising to most perhaps, but this particular dream does not involve 
bringing home another treasure.  Although being perfectly honest, it does 
involve a Crazy Dream of orphan-loving magnitude!  
Anyway, after whining a while to the Lord about the prospect of not being 
able to ever do this again, I put the thought out of my mind for a little bit.  
Okay, so maybe for only about 10 minutes, but whatever, 
at least I let it rest in my head for a few seconds.
A few weeks passed of off and on dreaming and longing and 
suddenly and without warning, I came across an email yesterday 
that made this Crazy Dream almost look like it could become another 
Crazy Reality…and I was giddy beyond belief.
Dw was sound asleep in the States and I could not wait for him to wake
up.  I checked the clock about 1,384,281 times to see how much
longer till he should be awake.  I was afraid to text him in case
it woke Ruby…but as soon as that man of mine woke up 
I was excitedly sharing that Crazy Dream with him…
[He actually kind of loved it!!]  
Now, the point of this post is not to try to make people guess 
what this Crazy Dream is, 
because it is not for guessing.   
It’s a personal dream at this point.

The point of this post is to challenge every one of you with this:

What Crazy Dreams do you have that you just think are probably 
just a thing of the past?

Is there a Crazy Dream that seems so far-fetched to Dream again??

Have you put the power of God to accomplish your Crazy Dream in a box?

Cause if you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions – 

It’s time – 

Open the box and dare to Dream Again!!
Cause that’s what I had to do.  
I had just guessed that this twice lived dream was my Past to rejoice in….
never thinking that He just might like to make this new Crazy Dream another reality!!
Soooooo….sweet friends,
It’s time to dream again!!
Ask Almighty God to re-ignite your Crazy Dreams for Him!!
Ask Him to take the Crazy Dreams He planted and light a fire under them and 
turn the impossible into the possible!!
Because it is NOT TOO LATE!!  
His heart is for us to dream Crazy Dreams that require faith and trust and joy and uncompromising steadfastness – and He not only can bring the Crazy Dreams 
to reality, but He delights in doing just that!  
Dream Big cause we have a magnificently enormous God!! 
And trust me in this:  It’s so exciting to be dreaming again!!
β€œThe world has yet to see what God can do with one man wholly dedicated to Him.”
     ~Dwight L. Moody 
{who my sweet husband was named after}

5 thoughts on “Crazy Dreams

  1. Ha ha ha, you just KNEW I was reading this, didn't you?!? πŸ™‚

    Trust me, every time I put that dream in a box, it just pops up again like a jack-in-the-box.

    1. Keep dreaming your God-sized dreams my friend! [You also have no idea how much I think of you…so grateful we are friends – and perhaps one day I will hug your neck!] xo

    1. Okay. I just was commenting to say that I live just a 10 min. walk up the road from Dwight Moody's home birthplace and am even closer to his gravestone! =) I just found it interesting that your Dwight is named after him.

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