To God Be the Glory, Great Things He has Done

Ahhhh, sweet friends, it’s a joy to write from the field.
I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, 
but when I was a young girl, I remember standing during a 
Missions Conference and dedicating my life to missions.
Although I never went to live on the mission field
{that’s another story for another day}
I have this amazing blessing to be here from time to time
and to serve where needed.
Of course
who would have ever guessed when this GO Team trip was planned
that we would be here for the loss of one of 
The Gem Foundation’s precious Gems?
We could not have even begun to imagine what it would be like
to experience it all…
My eyes well with tears…
such incredible heartache,
yet so thankful we had this incredible privilege.

I will write more about the loss of Jason, 
but need some more time to process it all.
Lord willing, soon….
In the meantime, the team has been working hard 
and blessing the people of Uganda.
One of Emma’s dreams was for a small classroom for some of the Gems
to begin to attend to help them work on their life skills.
So the GO team set to work and boy-oh-boy 
 the room looks so amazing!

Miss Mary Caitlin {left} has beautiful God-given artistry skills
which enabled her to paint the outline for some really sweet
animals…and some of the team went on to complete the art…
That’s Emily on the right with the sweet blonde bun…
they have worked so hard!
It looks amazing!

And surprise!
Meet Kevin.  
Kevin is on the board of directors 
and is also Mary Caitlin’s daddy
and a very close friend of Dw’s.  
As the Lord would have it, at the very last minute 
{as in the day before} 
due to circumstances, Dw called Kevin and
asked if it would be possible for him to come along the trip with Mary Caitlin. 
Kevin and his sweet wife Michelle, love the orphan, are adoptive parents 
and are a beautiful blessing to be part of our IVO team.  
Kevin’s sudden need to come on the trip has been a great blessing
at this time – although we had no idea what would transpire with Jason.   
We are so thankful to the Lord for Kevin and Michelle’s tender hearts
 who love the orphan
and willingly change plans with a moment’s notice!
Only servants with yielded hearts can do that.
And without even a word of complaint.  
We love them so much!
So as the Lord would have it, the team was able to meet precious Jason
before he passed away.  
Then Kevin willingly ran to the hospital with 
Emma, Jason and the nurse
when they were trying to revive Jason.
Later that night, 
Kevin and Mary Caitlin went with me in the dark to find a coffin.
Emma and Macey commented what a blessing 
it has been to have a dad 
{Kevin} here for a short time.
Such an incredible blessing.
We are so grateful for this God-orchestrated team.  
Also, please meet Karoline {Emily’s mom} on the front left.
Karoline and Emily were on our April 2013 GO Team
and it has been a
precious blessing having them join again.  
They tenderly love the orphan
and Karoline is gifted with ministering to those with Autism –
such an incredible blessing for 
I am so very grateful for the faithfulness of our Mighty God –
who saw just what we would need at this exact moment
 and placed together just the right people to 
serve together and accomplish His good plan.  
To God be the glory, great things He has done.

3 thoughts on “To God Be the Glory, Great Things He has Done

  1. I love seeing how God orchestrates and weaves His plan through our lives. I had to smile thinking about you dedicating your life to missions. Our stories cross often, friend. I can remember at 13 standing in front of the church bulletin board at a picture of the missionary family the church supported. I often pondered living on the mission field, and it was that mutual desire that brought joel and me together. Alas, it was not to happen, but 34 years as a pastor and wife led us many places. That missionary family we prayed for and pondered over? One of their boys became our good friend years later along with his wife. By His plan not ours we served in the same area in Mn. Isn't God amazing? Keeping you all in prayer sweet friend!

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