Our Celebration of Christmas

the church we attend,
has the largest Christmas play that
we have ever had the privilege of being a part of.
Although I didn’t count them all, 
the rumor is that 77,000 people {approximately} 
attend each year.   It is also rumored that it has been mentioned 
in the national 
media as the largest attended Christmas production
in North America.  
Not sure on all that, but trust me,
this production is completely unbelievable!

This silver-haired chica is in awe each time I see
it and this year I think I watched six times.
It is spectacular!
Liberty, Elizabeth, Isaiah and Elijah all tried out 
and each had a part this year…
Liberty was actually in three scenes.
Dw volunteers at just about each of the 16 performances
as a greeter/seater 
I was able to take a few turns as well.  
One of my favorite parts 
{besides watching my sweet treasures}
 is that a couple of camels,  
Rosie the Elephant,
a siberian tiger and a zebra all are part of the play
and each make an appearance on stage!  
Two handsome sons in the choir  

Our angel Elizabeth

Liberty playing the Vibes in one scene…

Angels flying overhead proclaiming the Glory of God 
while dancers {Liberty in red} give praise below…
The King of Kings has been born!

I mentioned to our rather-shy-does-NOT-like-attention-Nehemiah 
if just maybe
after watching his sibs be in the play this year, 
he might want to be in it next as well….
He pursed his lips together and with the cutest little 
grin quickly shook his head side to side,
“Nope, I don’t think so.”  

3 thoughts on “Our Celebration of Christmas

  1. Thank you for sharing this! We often go to Palm Springs at Christmas time and my children would absolutely LOVE to see this! Unfortunately we aren't this year, but I am making a note for myself to look into it next year!

    And your kids are stinkin' adorable as always (it's GOT to be those happy smiles!)… but Liberty? WHOA! She's really grown up and is simply stunning!!

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