Repeat After Me….

The other day the kids started whooping and hollering,
“Look Mom!! Look out the window!”
I was on the phone but asked the kind person 
if they could hang on for one second.
With this kind of excitement I knew that whatever it
was it had to be dang good!!
Oh my.
Their enthusisam didn’t disappoint!
Over our back fence was the
 most gorgeous rainbow I may have ever seen!
And suddenly we noticed that it was actually a 
double rainbow!
It was so breathtaking that I asked Liberty 
to capture it {above} so I could share with you.
The darkness of the sky made the spectacular 
brilliance of the rainbow
completely overwhelming to the eye.  
I actually want to make a copy of it and frame it.
like many of you, 
I have a long-awaited promise that I 
am still pleading with the Lord for.
So listen up sweet friends –

Gaze long and hard at that double rainbow – 
and repeat after me…
He still keeps His promises!
And as far as your promise and mine go…
He has not changed His mind.
He has not forgotten.
He is not asleep.
He did not leave on vacation.
He did not move away.
He doesn’t love someone more 
and so he overlooked you.
He doesn’t play favorites!
He would never forget about you
because you are the apple of His eye.
In fact, you are on His mind at this very moment.
He intercedes for you at the right hand of the Father.
He loves you more than you could ever 
begin to imagine.
He is working behind the scenes on your behalf 
right this moment. 
So don’t be afraid!

Don’t give up!

Don’t lose heart!

Don’t quit!!
His timing is always perfect ~
even when it take a really, really, really long time!
He is the same yesterday,
And the fulfillment of your {and my} long-awaited
promise is coming!
He can’t lie.
He won’t lie.
He wouldn’t lie.
He always tells the truth.
And that rainbow reminds us of that very fact ~
He is our Miracle-working,
Gasp-giving God.

4 thoughts on “Repeat After Me….

  1. And AMEN!!!! Your words are so encouraging. Thank you for sharing the picture!! I love that he gives us things to hold on to as we wait. God Bless you!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! It's exactly what I needed to hear! Our adoption of our sweet treasure from the Philippines is taking so long (and this is after having switched over from the Ethiopia program). To date our adoption process has taken over 3 1/2 years and we still have much waiting ahead. Sometimes it's so hard to see where God is in all of it and to know that the calling He gave us is actually really going to happen someday. I'm constantly working on trusting His timing of it all and on my patience. Thank you, God, for using Linny to speak to me again and again! Linny, you are a gift! Thank you for following after God's heart in all you do! 🙂

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