Our New Years Gift….

One New Years day, nine years ago, 
 an African princess was born.
And from the beginning of time,
Almighty God deemed her to be our daughter…
and we would have the privilege of taking a ho-hum
day like New Years and turning it into a heartfelt and joyous
celebration of 
Elizabeth Mercy
because she is a celebration in our heart daily!

We started the celebration before Daddy and Liberty
 left for Africa….

and continued it through today.
This is the girl who brings delightful spunk to all who know her.
Her tender, helpful spirit is used by the Lord to bless us daily.
And in the midst of that tenderness she has a dogged determination
to minister to all she meets…which only confirms to our hearts – 
God has amazing things planned for our girl!
If you have a moment, 
please feel free to wish our precious
 Elizabeth a very Happy 9th Birthday!

23 thoughts on “Our New Years Gift….

  1. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! You have a smile that lights up your world, and I know that's just an outpouring of the Light that is within you. Keep on shining for Jesus. He loves you SO much!

  2. Happy "9th" Birthday, Elizabeth! I think everyone should have an Elizabeth Mercy in their home! But, Our God knew that He gave you the very Best Family for you! I am just Happy that your Mommy shares your Beautiful self with Us! Love You, Sweetie!

  3. Oh Happy Birthday Elizabeth! You have the most amazing smile in every photo your mum shows!
    And here today these photos show you are looking so grown up! God has some great things in mind for you and I will be excited to hear how you discover them this year and in the years to come!
    Much love from England,

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