When There Are No Words

When we were moving to Phoenix, Emma
prayed earnestly that God would bring her a deaf friend.  She 
wanted very much to use the sign language she already knew
and improve it drastically.  She was convinced that 
God was going to bring her children who couldn’t hear
and she wanted to be much more experienced at Sign Language.
We were barely attending our new church when Emma met a young man
who ‘happened’ to be deaf while attending the Young Adults service.  
She giggled as she told me!
Brice became a good friend of Emma’s and over the weeks and months following
 Emma would sign with Brice, working hard to 
improve the sign language she had already learned in high school.  
Brice and Emma would talk “a mile a minute”…
they lost me the moment they lifted their hands to talk!
It was so fun to watch!
We welcomed Brice into our family, home and hearts!
He is such a blessing to know.
Today, Brice came for lunch and to enjoy the Cardinals football game with us.
As the Lord would have it,
Emma had both electricity and internet 
 and was able to visit with Brice at our home thanks 
to Skype.
Emma took Brice on her laptop through her home and
introduced her precious Gems to her old friend.
Brice was so moved as Emma gently lifted mosquito net upon 
mosquito net to show him her sleeping Gems,
stopping to sign him their names and some of their needs.
After talking for awhile Emma told him she needed to 
get some sleep as it was very late.
Brice pointed to his phone nodding. 
He then showed her how one of the clocks on his
cell phone are set to her African time.   

I am in awe of how God can knit hearts together without 
verbal language but through the wonderful beauty of the language of 
His love. 
God is just so amazing!

5 thoughts on “When There Are No Words

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! My daughter is hearing impaired and we are learning sign language as a family. I am always happy to "meet" people to take the time to learn this beautiful language.

  2. So glad you are enjoying your holidays with friends and families. We had a very special visit with my 94 y.o. Mother-in-Law who is still very much herself even though she is in a home and frail. The home set up a table in a small visitor lounge and brought in our dinner. My son was there, too, and my husband's sister. So it was like old times talking and laughing together. Mum was so glad to be able to 'host' us once again. (She paid for the meal and the staff served like they do the residents in the common dining room.)

    I thought you and Emma might know about a MAF pilot whose blog I follow. They recently have been relocated to Uganda from Indonesia. They are fostering a special needs child and have posted photos of a party recently given for Special Needs children and their carers/families. http://theforneyflyer.blogspot.co.uk/ If Emma doesn't know them, they might enjoy learning about the Gem Foundation.

    Hope your New Year holds so many blessings you can't count them all!
    Love from Sandy in the UK
    And I am so glad Ruby's crisis the other day ended well.

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