Been Feeling Like a Failure? Yeah. Me too.

Did you ever enter the New Year and realize that you haven’t taken even a
five minute break long enough to think about any New Year resolutions?  

Yeah.  Me too.

Did you ever gaze at others posting their pretty papered lists of things they have
resolved to do and cringe because you haven’t even got a clue where even a bitty
scrap paper is let alone where a pen that works might be?

Yeah.  Me too.

Or how did you feel when you saw others pictures and posts of the already
planned achievements all decorated and Pinterested?


Yeah.  Me too.

Now I realize I’m only speaking for myself, but I was left kinda feeling like a failure.

2014’s end sped in with a gargantuan whoosh and all of a sudden I found myself standing in the grocery store wondering how it could be New Years Eve and n’er even an itsy-bitsy thought to any resolutions.

Heck ya, in fact I just felt like it was a personal achievement to simply be at the store on New Years Eve having fun with my six youngest treasures.

Mind you, I’m definitely not faulting in any way all the pretty lists and beautifully decorated ideas flowing…but I can say with complete confidence that over here there no creative juices flowing. Pretty sure they slowed to a small trickle years ago and now ebb at an occasional drip.

So that failure thing was really ringing in my ears.

Over and over.

Cause, by golly, the New Year has begun!

And I haven’t done a doggone thing about it.

I was lamenting that very thing when suddenly the Lord gently whispered:

“It’s okay.”

Not kidding.

Ever so quietly and ever so lovingly He spoke.

“It’s okay.”  

I smiled to myself.

And reminded me that He loves me in spite of my slowness.

He loves me in spite of my barely dripping creativity.

He loves me although I am constantly struggle with tardiness.

He loves me whether I have New Year resolutions set forth.

Or I don’t.

He loves me.

And He loves you too.

No matter what.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end; 
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
“therefore I will hope in him.”
The Lord is good to those who wait for him,
to the soul who seeks him.
Lamentations 3:22-25

His mercies are new every single morning.  

12 thoughts on “Been Feeling Like a Failure? Yeah. Me too.

  1. Yeah, me too sometimes. Although I didn't set any resolutions this year and it hasn't bothered me. What gets to me is the "Word of the Year" (no offense if anyone else does it, I'm not trying to make fun of it). It seems like everyone is sharing their one word for the year… and I kinda felt like wow! I gotta do that too. Only then I felt like, I think I'm jumping on the bandwagon just to jump on it. Not for any real purpose. Since I don't feel led to do it, does it really matter? Nope, no it does not. And just knowing that, is really freeing.

    1. That's funny you should mention the "word of the year"..I had never heard or seen much about it until this year and suddenly have seen several talking about it. I did it for years (and never heard anyone else who did it)…just something the Lord led me to do, but have not for a few years now. No doubt, He leads differently at different seasons. This season we're in is very intentional and we are good with that {other than feeling like a schmoo for not having any New Year resolutions – haha}.

  2. Liked this post. Kevin and I are struggling even to remember things we need to get done, let alone be creative doing them! Ha, ha! Last Sunday we woke up and remembered at the last minute we were having company that day after church! Oh my! We have never forgotten something that major before. As it turned out, we had to cancel because Grace woke up sick, and this family didn't need any germs as they were heading back to Africa soon(they are missionaries there, too). So it worked out ok, but forgetting that they were coming over left Kevin and me shaking our heads. Then there is the whole homeschool thing – I feel behind most days and don't usually have time to be creative. But as you remind us in this post, the Lord loves us anyway, not matter what! 🙂 Love you, friend. Happy New Year to you all.

  3. I came to the comment section not sure what my comment was… I gave up doing New Years resolutions years ago. I realized finally that I had no intention of following through, especially since my resolutions were often unrealistic expectations of myself. I tend to be a last minute kinda gal and it's difficult to do last minute resolutions the eve of the next new year :-). When I read your reply to RaD I had to share with you!! Up here is Canada schmoo is a torte, a wonderful, sweet cake that melts in your mouth! Schmoo indeed, a wonderful sweet God filled woman :-). It is okay.

  4. I have switched from resolutions to declarations and affirmations that i believe are inspired by God. I like a statement I heard recently. Failing at something is just another way of moving forward…….and sweet friend, you know that failing does not make you a failure! That label/lie is from the enemy. Ok. Done preaching. Ha…..see you in just a few weeks friend! Praying for you and yours. Xxoo

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've managed to write resolutions this year, but they're lame. They're things like 'remember to brush and floss my teeth twice a day', 'stop whining so much', and 'remember to pray.' Other years, I've had such great ideas and such energy, and this year I'm struggling to brush my teeth. Seriously. I get it about feeling a failure. But you're absolutely right. God loves me. God loves me even if all the teeth rot out of my skull. Even if I refuse to talk to him for the rest of my life. Not that either of those things are what He wants for me, but sometimes the simplest reminder of His love is the most profound and important thing you can say.

  6. Love you Linny! Just trying to focus on JOY! I sometimes write lists, only to lose them! Tried to think of resolutions but kinda too busy- going to keep my eyes on our Lord this year. Going to embrace challenges, pray my way through and see what lessons HE has in store for us! HUGS from MN!

  7. Ummm…a failure? Hardly. You do an awesome job mothering, er, I've actually lost count of how many children you have – 11? 12? – and much else besides! I'm sure the Prov 31 woman didn't make new year resolutions, she just got on with the job like you do.

    Lately I've been reading articles saying making resolutions is setting yourself up for failure anyway. Better to make a long-term plan about where you want to get, and the steps you'll take along the way to get there. Writing it down is powerful and makes you much more likely to do it. But the "New Year burst" just tends to fade away.

  8. Oh my goodness Lenny,
    You don't need resolutions because you are in the middle of doing much more than most people already! I think for them it is a way to get motivated…to stop dithering and do something. Well you can't dither because you are already 5 steps ahead and are already doing the next thing or more things at once!
    And from what you say in this blog, you seem to be ready on any day to go ahead and do what God puts on your mind. You don't have to have a specific day of the year to start it! (Like 'Shall we sell our house and move so we can have more money to give?' Sure! and it gets done!)

    And Dearest Linny, creativity comes out of you in waves. I am pretty sure just about every moment in your day involves quite a bit of creativity! Let's see how many littles at home who, due to the creativity God has put in your loving spirit, are being shaped and moulded into the precious treasures God already sees they are? and all of these needing quite a bit more creativity to grow them than a 'normal child' (although I don't think there is anything like a 'normal' child!) and at least 2 of your 'projects' have grown and flown in the last year because of the creativity you put into their lives.

    So that's why He says 'It's okay.' You are already doing the creativity He has assigned for you!
    Big, Big hugs!
    Sandy in the UK
    PS Some of us (mainly me) would have loved to have been assigned the creative job you have. But God had other plans and so I need to focus on the creativeness He gives me and discover which things will make people stop and think the things He wants them to think…or to create something fun and imaginative if it is even just to give someone a moment of joy or spark their imagination.

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