What Is.

A precious friend of mine has suddenly found herself facing an unexpected trial.   

Given the past in this situation, it is logical that she would feel fearful!  Oh how my 
heart goes out to her!!  

But you know how it is…. it is easier to see the “trees” when we are not in the 
midst of the “forest” ourselves, isn’t it?
So this morning as I was showering, I was earnestly praying for my friend and talking to the Lord about her situation.  Suddenly He spoke,  

“Tell your friend to ignore the 
‘What Ifs?’ 
but instead to praise Me for 
‘What Is’.”

Whoooooa – What a powerful word!!
 I could not call her fast enough!  
As I was finishing getting ready, I felt like the Lord impressed on me that I needed to share 
this here because a bloggy friend needs to hear this very word.
So here goes:
You, my friend, may be consumed with worry:
What if this??
What if that??
What if he does?
What if she doesn’t??
What if God doesn’t?

Friend, let me be the Lord’s whispers straight to you:
“Do not spend even one more second on the ‘what ifs?’…
because all that matters is ‘What is’…
And ‘what is’ is that My promises never fail.  
My promises do not end.
My promises do not expire. 
My promises are trustworthy.
I do not promise and not follow through.
What is:  I am trustworthy and my promises never fail.
I am the rock!  
Though the waves of trial come against you,
I am secure.  
I am faithful.  
I will not fail you.
I am steadfast.
I will not leave you.
I am immovable.
I am the rock!   
Not once in history did I go back on my promises and
I will not begin to now.  That’s ‘what is’.”  
So dear bloggy friend, do not spend even a moment on the ‘What ifs?’ 
Praise Him!
Praise Him!!
Praise Him!  
That’s ‘what is’. 

9 thoughts on “What Is.

  1. Yes, I have thought about that lately. My son has been in two car accidents recently. He wasn't hurt nor his wife. The children weren't in the car on either occasion. One was a single accident, by himself, spin out on ice. Totaled his car. Last Friday, they were hit from behind by a young man who didn't apply his brakes coming down a hill. Again, car was totaled. Sigh but this time more money to buy another car. I thought of the "what if" as well…..broke this mother's heart, 2x. In between these accidents, that were a little over a month apart, a young man died in a mtn bike accident. We knew him and his family. He left 2 little girls and a mom and a baby to be…….what if!!???? We just pray and thank God for his protection of our children, no matter the ages. We cannot control life!!! We are in His hands. We are blessed to be heaven bound!! Thank you so much for your help through the trials in life. Thanks for caring for your friend….and listening to God speak to you so you can share! Hugs!!!

  2. Thank you, that is just what I needed to hear this morning. I have been contemplating adopting again, have been feeling God's whisper that the time for that endavour is near, yet my financial situation is nowhere near where one would want it to be. I have been worrying about the what-if's, instead of holding on to His promises…

  3. Thank you! I have been worried with "what if's" as my delivery date draws closer and need peace about this. Thank you for this reminder. I'd prayed earlier in the day for a verse to say when I feel afraid and this reminder of who God is encouraged me.

  4. Thank you. Needing Courage for Something coming up, but I was already borrowing fear about how it would be and how I will cope. This is timely. I appreciate your concern for your bloggy friends who are just words or images on a screen you haven't met.
    Big hugs,
    Sandy in the UK

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