Warriors Together….

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves 
and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,
 then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin 
and will heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14
Thank you to each of you my friends who are joining with other
bloggy friends around the world to spend time in prayer
and fasting!
Photo Credit:  Jesper Noer
First off – 
the world as we know it is in serious trouble!
and frankly, it would be easy to become frightened and fearful. 
Let’s begin today by joining together to pray for:

1.  The families of the hostages who have been murdered.
2.  Families of Coptic Christians in Egypt beheaded for “the cross”. 
3.  Families of those burned to death in Iran.
4. Wisdom for our leaders.
5.  Protection for our military around the world.
6.  Protection for missionaries around the world.
7.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
8.  Friends and family to come to Christ.
9.  Courage to share Christ with those around us.

And then there is the issue that is close to my heart:  


It is impossible to spend a day without 
being overwhelmed with the plight of the orphan.
And friends, at this moment there are thousands of treasures
longing around the world for a family to call their own..
Please pray for the orphans today.
Please pray that people will allow God to stir 
their hearts for the orphan…
Please pray with me for those in the midst of 
an adoption and have now run into 
unforeseen struggles, 
non-budging bureaucracies,
seemingly insurmountable nightmares.

God is more than able!!

And please pray specifically for 
the situation in DRCongo –

At this moment there are 
several hundred families waiting for their children 
who have been lawfully adopted in DRCongo
yet they are unable to come home. 

Many of the families have been matched 
with their children for years and yet they wait!
This situation has been going on for over 500 days!!
These treasures must come home!!
Even though these little ones have been lawfully
adopted by their families, they have not been permitted to leave the DRCongo.
Friends, this is a crisis!!
Please pray that God would obliterate the 
obstacles that prohibit these
treasures from joining their families!!
Remember when we prayed and fasted that Meriam from Sudan
would be set free?
She now lives in the snowy NE with her family!

There is a petition to sign to ask our President to 
hear the cries from the Congo of these adopted children…
The petition can be found here. 

And then there are so many needs represented 
amongst bloggy friends.
Please share your needs in the comments 
below.  Should your request by private,  please feel free to
just leave the words: “Unspoken request.”
Often there are friends who will pray through the many requests.
And I encourage you, as well, to pray over others requests as well.  
Encourage one another.  
Bless one another.
This is what Christ not only intended, but commanded.
Of the days of prayer and fasting, 
I remember one day in particular, a few years back.
A young woman had just graduated from college and needed a job.
We prayed specifically that the Lord would lead her
and open the right job for her.  
The same day of the fast, God moved and she received a job!
It was so beautiful and such a joy to be part of!
This day of prayer and fasting comes at a critical time in world history.
Much is at stake.
Please take the time to pray earnestly, seek the Lord and fast.
Thank you.
Share your requests below in the comments.

47 thoughts on “Warriors Together….

  1. I'll start off….
    1. Please pray with us for our home to sell. We needed a wheelchair accessible home and have already moved
    and need our former home to sell. God is able!
    Also have three Private requests – the Lord knows that the needs are {we ask him every day!}

    1. Dear Linny,
      Thank you for this special gathering. I had no idea about the DRC adoption issue. I know how heart breaking it is for a country to close against adoption when you are ready to bring them home. This happened to us with Romania.
      We called it a legal miscarriage because it hurts that much. Still tearful to think of them, but I will definitely pray for these special families.
      Sandy in the UK
      Praying about your house!

  2. Will be praying over all the needs today… Would love prayer for our homestudy process… We need God to open up doors for us to get our foster care training done as well as approving us for an expanded care waiver so we can get the whole homestudy approved… We know God's timing is perfect… Prayers for teenage girls struggling with depression… Thanks friends… Lifting you all up in Illinois

  3. If you could please say a small prayer for me, I would really appreciate it. At 21, I am struggling with ongoing chronic illnesses including Endometriosis and my health has taken another nose dive in the last few weeks. Thanks for your prayers and although I can't fast due to health concerns, please know that I will pray for you all as well.

    God bless,

  4. If you could please say a small prayer for me, I would really appreciate it. At 21, I am struggling with ongoing chronic illnesses including Endometriosis and my health has taken another nose dive in the last few weeks. Thanks for your prayers and although I can't fast due to health concerns, please know that I will pray for you all as well.

    God bless,

  5. Oh, Dear Linny and friends, thank you for lifting us up in prayer today…we are one of the families with sweet treasures in DR Congo! We have two daughters in Congo, ages 7 and 5, and we are beseeching the Lord to open doors for our daughters and all the other adopted children to come home. Thank you for lifting our children up in prayer!!

  6. Please pray for me that God would work a miracle in my heart and help me to love our adopted daughter (who has the symptoms of RAD) with the supernatural love that comes from Christ. I am struggling every day.

  7. Please pray for me that God would work a miracle in my heart and help me to love our adopted daughter (who has the symptoms of RAD) with the supernatural love that comes from Christ. I am struggling every day.

  8. Please pray for a friend of mine who is in a very dark place right now. He feels like God has turned His back in him and is struggling with anything faith related right now. I don't know how to be more specific other than I am praying for my friend to come back to God in a big way.

  9. Praying for each and everyone of you on this day of fasting. Please pray for world peace. My son who is a Marine will be deployed in the near future. God knows the plans He has for my son. Please God, keep him safe on his journey.

  10. Please pray for my adopted daughter. That God would heal her heart and help me to lover her. Also that he would end this lonliness and help us find a Bible believing church

  11. Please pray for Taylor, a young man who has come through drug addiction, jail, and came to Christ months ago. The master of lies is messing with him. He doubting and started drinking. He is heavy on our hearts. We love him so much. His passion for God was beautiful. Pray for renewal for him and his relationship with our Heavenly Father please and that the alcohol stops (as he is prone to addictions).

    Please pray that God shows us our son….that we find him. Publically, this is the first I've said that God led us to adoption again. He's told us where, impressed the age, and what to look for. Please also pray for our social worker here, that she approve us (as our family is the biggest she's worked with yet) and this is outside the world's box. Please also pray for provision. We have complete peace that God will provide. Thank you all for praying…blessing us this way. We will be praying for you as well.

  12. Please pray that my health situation improves. I am 11 weeks pregnant with our second baby and I found out yesterday I am extremely anemic and iron deficient. Please pray that we can find a way for me to be a SAHM and that we can find the right home (that we can actually afford). We have wanted to move away from our area for so long, but have been unable to do so. I know God can move mountains. Thank you.

  13. Standing in the gap today with you all in praying for the needs listed in Linny's post. Also praying today for my husband's career direction that God opens doors no man can shut and closes doors no man can open. Praising God we can still stand in prayer in a community in this country. Praying our freedoms remain.

  14. I will be praying through all the requests this evening. Thank you all for praying for my request as well. please pray that God would show me clearly when I am suppose to go back Uganda and that I only return in his timing and do not run ahead of him. Please pray over my new organization and that God would give me stronger vision for how he wants to use it and that I would work with him as he prepares me for ministry. Also please pray for the salvation of my best friend, whom I've been in prayer for years and that I would not grow weary. Also for the salvation of my oldest brother, Jordan.

    It's so beautiful to see everyone's requests and I feel honored to pray over each of them!


  15. I am praying here in the UK. We have been praying for the countries where this terrible group is carrying out such atrocities.
    And there are so many other trouble hot spots, many of them where Christians are being turned on in result.
    Please pray for N*K* the very closed place. I have been so burdened for the believers there.

    Pray for Asia Bibi as we did for Meriam Ibrahim. God can release her!
    And finally, A very good sewing friend died suddenly last week. Pray for our chance to be a testimony for her husband and the rest of the ladies in my sewing group.
    Oh…yes. thank the Lord! I have a pain clinic appointment at last. I pray God will help them show me a way to manage the pain. I so want to go with the church and my Pastor husband for distributing leaflets to homes. But am finding even stairs at home so very difficult.
    God bless all of you, your families and ministries. Being a chosen minister to adoptive children is a blessing but a Very Hard thing. HE walks with you, lean on Him.
    Big loving hugs for each of you.
    Sandy in the UK

  16. Will be praying and joining y'all in fasting. I have a couple of prayer needs, one you have prayed along side me for many years:

    1. Reconciliation with my son Brock, who is now 22. I haven't heard my sweet boy's voice in over five years. How I long for the day when I can hug him and tell him how much I love him.

    2. For a job possibility that has come out of the blue for my husband.

    Thank you all so much for standing with me!

    God is good all the time!


  17. Thank you for mentioning our DRC adoption crisis. It has been over 500 days of the exit letter suspension that has kept hundreds of American families from being able to bring home their children (DRC courts have name us the legal parents who are financially responsible and the U.S. has granted orphan visas to enter our country) yet this exit letter is still required for these children to leave DRC and they stopped issuing exit letters in Sept 2013. Please pray for us and please sign this petition to get President Obama to help us: http://www.whitehouse.gov/ib4BV

    1. Andy, I signed the petition last night. Feel free to share my blog post as it links to the petition. I will have my husband sign tonight and ask my adult children as well. It is such a serious concern to my soul – and I do not even have one waiting there!! We fast and pray today for break through! ~Linny

  18. Please pray for my husband and our family. He lost his job earlier this month, and we are in need of a new job soon. Pray for door to open and wisdom and discernment for us. Pray for peace and trusting in our hearts. God bless …..

  19. Please pray for some changes with our business which we are partners with family. I know things will change soon just don't know how!

    My husband is in the Ag industry and it is seeing a drop currently. It's been booming for several years. We are so grateful. He has been told there will be layoffs and people moving departments. (He's been there 17 years so will most likely see a department change.) st seeking God's will in the matter!

  20. It keeps freezing on me! 🙁 Sorry for multiple posts!

    Please pray for the ministry in which I am a partner. Dove Project Africa works with locals in Iki Iki village Uganda to strengthen, empower and simply love on our families there! I'm blessed to be a part of it and can't wait to see all God has in store there.

    We are considering selling our home and moving. We feel as though God is leading us, just not exactly clear where or when!

    My aunt has battled Breast cancer for 3 years now and is sadly coming to the end. Please pray for her salvation and that she will no longer suffer.

    Linny, thank you for organizing this opportunity for all of us to agree together in prayer over one another!

  21. I am joining in on this day of prayer and fasting. I saw your post on fb last night and the Lord impressed it upon my heart to join in. I have been reading your blog for several years and have been inspired greatly! Thanks for sharing your story and being faithful to the Lord!

    My heart too has been heavy on the situations going on around the world and even in our own country. I have several unspoken requests and some I will share. I need to see God moving in the lives of our family.

    My husband and I have 10 children here with us and 3 waiting in heaven. There are situations that often seem impossible but I know God is able!

    Our oldest son needs Jesus! He has been running away from the Lord for a long time. He even told me recently that he doesn't even believe most of the Bible is real. He has been living a pretty rough life. Praying the Lord will soften his heart and draw him to Himself! He also needs to experience forgiveness. He feels like God will never be able to forgive him for all that he has done!

    Another son and his wife have been married over 5 years and haven't been able to have children. My son was diagnosed as a 4 year old child with leukemia and had to do chemo for 2 1/2 years along with radiation. We were told that there was a strong chance he wouldn't be able to have children. I prayed over him with each treatment trusting the Lord with that area of his life. They have done some fostering but recently had a bad experience and are greatly discouraged. Praying that the Lord will move greatly on their behalf and give them the desires of their hearts!

    We have a strained relationship with another son and need healing in this area. Feel like my husband and I are jumping through hoops to make this work. My son is an angry person and seems to want to find fault with anything we say or do. God has given me love for him even when he is acting unlovable. Sometimes it is harder than other times. Praying God will mend our relationship and give my son joy instead of anger and help us to continue to love on him no matter what. I want to always see him as Jesus would.

    There are many other situations that I really need to see the Lord giving us victory over. My heart is heavy and worn. Praying the Lord will help me to give it all over to Him and fully rely on Him and that He will bring great victory to our family.

    I will be praying with you and for each of you!

    1. Praying for you, Karen. I resonate with several of the things you mentioned. Keep praying for your son who is angry. Our son had become like this. We were at such a loss on how it could get better. In the end, he went over to America to stay with my Dad who needed help getting his wood in and lots of other things. The Lord really worked in him. Now that he is home, he still won't go to church – especially the little church we lead. But his attitude is so different and in various ways God has shown us that he is in the Word.
      So I will pray especially for your son, too.
      Love in Christ,
      Sandy in the UK

  22. I have looked forward to this day all week. I have tried since early this morning to post my request. The enemy has really tried to defeat me from posting my request. I have 5 people very dear to my heart that desperately need Jesus and the strongholds broken from their lives. I would love to have you pray with me. I have commited this year to praying without ceasing for these people.
    I count it a privilege to pray for each of you and your requests.

  23. Please pray for healing for our family. 4/5 of us have a nasty cough & my 2 yr old niece went to the ER via ambulance this morning for trouble breathing. She was diagnosed with RSV And is now back home. Please pray that my sister and I do not get sick and that everyone else is healed! While my husband is out of work he has to take the days off with out pay.

  24. Please pray for healing for our family. 4/5 of us have a nasty cough & my 2 yr old niece went to the ER via ambulance this morning for trouble breathing. She was diagnosed with RSV And is now back home. Please pray that my sister and I do not get sick and that everyone else is healed! While my husband is out of work he has to take the days off with out pay.

  25. Please pray for my neighbor mike who had a mild stroke, he is only 45. I need prayer for God's wisdom and direction in leading my family for my job financial situation my house etc. I really need prayer to keep trusting Him and to hear His voice. For my kids and their walk with the Lord.

  26. I would ask for prayer as we work through feelings and emotions of losing the little girl we were adopting from China. Due to a very unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, we weren`t able to continue with her adoption, and the feelings of losing her are so raw. I`m struggling with the pregnancy also, and really want to be able to feel acceptance for this child I`m carrying…I know he/she deserves above all else a mommy that loves unconditionally, no matter the cirumstances. And I feel like a terrible person for just admitting that, because what kind of mother admits to struggling with the gift of a new life?

    1. When I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant in 2013, I was a little disappointed at first because I had been hoping adopt another teenager! I had long since made peace with the probability that I would never carry a child, and I didn't love the physical experience of pregnancy, especially the first trimester. I didn't understand why God would gift us with this child at this time when there are so many women for whom it would mean so much to have a child growing inside of them, while we were fine with the way things were. And if we had had a referral that we had to give up because of our baby…oh, that would have been hard! One child can never replace another. I still have no idea what God's long-term plan is in our case, but our little man is precious and it is very sweet to get to be his mommy. Hugs to you as you grieve for your little girl in China while making space in your heart for a different child than the one you were prepared for. And I will be praying for God's hand to be on your little girl to work out a good plan for her future as well.

  27. Dear friends have two adopted children in the DRC. Praying for them and scores of others.
    Also, req prayer for our stuck little one….We were the first American family to get a referral for a child in Lesotho South Africa since it became Hague. We accepted his referral of course! That was last February 2014. We completed all the forms required by the U.S. Embassy and he was given a passport and his adoption by our family was completed in lesotho last May. We waited until December for visa approval by the Usa do we could travel to him. On December 2 we learned that the Usa required the adoption be dissolved and done all over again because we had done the forms out of order. We just finished our new homestudy and i800a approval. Lesotho was so motivated to get children adopted. Yet, last I heard our sons adoption still must be dissolved and redone. I can only imagine how this could seem problematic to the officials in Lesotho. (In the mean time we were surprised by and adopted our sixth child domestically.- miracle) We will not give up on little M who waits and waits in Lesotho. Please pray.
    Please keep private for now. I'd love your email to invite u to our blog. It's crazy full of miracles. Yet somehow I'm still afraid. Livetogive77@gmail.com
    Also. We approached a church about starting an orphan care adoption networking group to share the need and help people know how to adopt. It was well received. Praying many more treasures find comfort. I share your Emma's blog often and pray for her.

  28. Please pray for my health – I had a skin biopsy and am waiting on the results. Praying that the spot was benign. Also, we need to sell our rental property as soon as possible.

  29. Please pray for my friend's daughter who is carrying a baby girl with a severe form of OI. She is due in about 10 weeks. Please pray for my daughter who has Fibromyalgia and broke her back a while ago and now having numbness down her legs. Pray for my grandson who is also having some problems.

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