Friday Fun…

Seems to me that every now and then
Fridays out to be a celebration of sorts….
Even a time for a bit of extra joy…
Or perhaps for a few giggles..
So here we are,
sharing some joy, celebration and giggles
 from our home this week to yours…
First for the celebrating….
Nehemiah Judson 
is now officially ours.

Through and through.

Of course, 
we knew it the moment he stepped in our front door.
Overjoyed he’s ours.

After court we were able to go to the 
Chinese Cultural Center 
here in Phoenix to celebrate some more…

The architecture is amazing….

As are the ponds and the gardens….

Jubilee was the most thrilled about the 
Chinese artifacts…
she was almost giddy…
[Can you tell how pleased she is?]
It was such a special day…
kinda wishing that we could have a do-over!
And a few minutes ago through peels of laughter,
Elizabeth was calling to us…
“I’ve gotten stuck guys!! 
Can someone please come help me get out?”
Of course as I came and found her predicament I
began to laugh myself…and before I helped her I just
had to snap a picture.
At the moment I took the pic, 
she was saying, 
“NOOOO pictures mom!
*giggle, giggle, giggle* 
Do not Instagram this!
*giggle, giggle giggle*
Oh Mom – that’s just so rude!” 
And technically I am not Instagramming this…
Happy Friday to you and yours…
And if you are able,
please stop by our Place tomorrow.
I have a sweet proposal for you…
that I am quite certain you’ll be bummed
if you miss…

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun…

    1. Thank you. We are really tickled. There were so many delays in the process because of expired fingerprints and then one of us being in Africa, and oh me – it is sooo good to finally have it finished!! We have celebrated daily!

  1. Oh fun and laughter! And I was praying for Nehemiah yesterday! What a wonderful thing…especially for the judge/lawyer to have you all in her office!
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thank you Sandy for praying for Nehemiah. He just went to the doc for a follow-up and blood work again. Results in a few days. But he is doing fantastic and the doc thinks that the blood work will likely prove that!

    1. It is so nice to meet you Debbie. Renee is a wonderful friend – as I'm sure you know from reading her blog! Please visit as often as you can! I love getting to "know" new friends!

  2. Congrats on Nehemiah being all yours. The ink has dried and the happiness is everlasting! Thanks for sharing!! Loving all those precious smiles of your sweet children!!! Hugs!

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