It’s A-Comin’ and We Need Your Help!

Most girls dream of their wedding day.
Many plan years before they are even close to marrying.
Beautiful Pinterest boards are dedicated to the future big day…
knowing that only one little thing is missing – the groom!

We’ve had four of our bigs get married – 
each wedding with it’s own flavor and style.
and now Miss Emma’s big day is approaching!
It is actually ‘right around the corner’ – March 10th, 2015
Many have asked about her wedding
and here’s the details…
She’s getting married in Africa.
As she put it, “Mom, I can’t get married 
without my kids surrounding me!”
 And so it is that Dw and I will travel 
to be part of the grand celebration as Emma 
unites her heart and life to Josh.  
Lord willing, the live-feed will work well
and our treasures at home can also “attend” from here. 
And in case you missed it, 
I shared Emma and Josh’s love story here.
Josh is moving to Africa to join Emma at
which she not only directs and will continue to, 
but God clearly called her
 to it this lifelong work over 15 years ago.
In fact, Josh bought a one-way ticket!

Well as all folks know, 
weddings are big celebrations and Africa
does celebrating with great enthusiasm!
But there is one little thing desperately needed
by this young missionary….
Clothes for her Gems!!

I told Emma, 

“My bloggy friends came through for the 
wedding feast by dressing the street boys.  
Bloggy friends again came through
for snack bags for the street boys.  Bloggy friends then generously donated backpacks to the 
orphans and they also gave joyfully at the 
Gem shower to cloth her Gems last year,” 
I continued, “These friends are so amazing, 
and I just know they will dress your Gems 
for the wedding!”
So there you have it.
The need is real.
Emma’s heart would be overjoyed to see her Gems
looking fancified and spiffed out for their mama’s big day!

Would you be willing to help?

 Emma’s request is simple: 
One white button-down short sleeve shirt for each boy
and a black pair of dress pants.
A blush-pink party dress for each girl Gem.

A bloggy friend, Casey, who adores the Gems,
is working away to make bow ties for each!! 
How cool is that??
Here’s how you could help…
Perhaps buy Jerom his shirt
or his pants, or both!!

Or a dress for Hannah…

Or very sick, but oh-so-tender-hearted Joey….

Or precious Justine…
{pronounced Justin}

Or how about joyful Collins?
{seriously, this is his constant facial expression}

Or how about little Mattie?

There are 25 Gems total…
each needing clothes for their mama’s wedding.
The easiest way for me to figure out how to do this was
to have three “showers” again…

One shower hostess just brought home two treasures,
so she is tending to her littles at the moment…

But the other three are ready, willing and able
to help you shop…
The shower hostesses have the address to ship the
So ladies {and gentlemen} thank you in advance
for loving the Gems.
I emailed these three sweet orphan-loving friends 
and asked if they were willing to help.  
Without hesitation came back each 
of their replies, “I’m in.”  
And I’ve never even hugged their necks!!

On Valentine’s Day I shared my heart
about how I love you guys – and this is a perfect example…
ready to help  in a moment’s notice.  

So please email the hostess and 
then shop for a Gem…

Kathryn’s shower 
Attend by emailing:

Robin’s shower 
New Jersey

Attend by emailing:

Rebecca’s shower
New Mexico
Attend by emailing: 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
and what joy you will have when you see
the pictures of these precious Gems!!

4 thoughts on “It’s A-Comin’ and We Need Your Help!

    1. You are such a blessing Hannah. Thank you for loving the orphans and putting that love into action!! I can't wait for you and the others to see pictures. Emma's heart overflows at your generosity!

  1. Hi Linny, this doesn't have to get posted but I just wanted to contact you and thank you for letting us do our part for Emma's wedding. What an honor this is. I cannot wait to see little Mattie in his new attire. I really appreciate you allowing us into your lives like this. I am hoping one day to be able to travel to Africa and help. My son went a couple years ago and he does not look at life the same as he did prior to stepping off that plane. I am hoping by 2016, I will have both the vacation time and the ability to be away from my job for a little bit in order to help on a mission. God bless you!

    1. I had to post this Wendy, because it is a blessing for others to be encouraged by your sweet words. Thank you for putting your love for the Gems into action. I would love you to join us in 2016! Come meet the Gem you helped "dress". Thank you again for your generous heart!

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