Two Very Real Possibilities

Happy Friday Friends!
Autumn and Everlly arrived a bit ago and
we have some fun stuff planned
for the week-end with them!
We haven’t seen them since they were here for
Thanksgiving so we are super excited!
This Mimi definitely does not think it’s fun
to have her grandtreasures living all over the States.
So Mimi is tickled to have our only blue-eyed of the bunch
 here with little Everlly!
Over the course of time, 
I have heard people say,
“I’d like to do something for the orphan,
but I’m not sure what.”
Here are two very real possibilities:
Spring Cleaning Just Started!! 

All prices have been reduced!
Flat rate shipping of $5. per order applies.
Orphan Wares is a ministry
where artisans and crafters dedicate 
and donate their 
wares to enable 100% of the proceeds
to feed the street children and 
Orphan Wares is a ministry of 
Orphan Wares is the only place {I am aware of} 
that donates 100% of the money raised
to the orphan.

All involved in the ministry of Orphan Wares 
are volunteers.
Extra special gratitude to all who craft 
and create for Orphan Wares.
Your tender hearted service is making 
a difference in the lives
of the most vulnerable in Uganda and India. 

Orphan Wares recently expanded and
now feeds treasures in India.

Special thanks to Kala and Leah who volunteer
behind the scenes enabling Orphan Wares to exist.
And Lastly….

We could also use a little help with our 
Facebook has changed how people see pages and as a result not many 
of our friends are seeing our posts.   
Facebook is willing to promote our page for a fee. 
{Bless their hearts! haha} 
Instead of us paying to promote, it would be great if you could 
take a moment to like our page (if you haven’t already liked OW!) 
and add our page to your interest list.   
Please spread the word and help us clear out some inventory so that 
we can feed the orphans together and make room for new items!  
The other possibility is to order a Tee-shirt 
for The Gem Foundation.
A sweet friend of the Gems, Casey,
designed a tee-shirt which can be ordered
I love Casey’s tender heart for the orphans.
She wanted to do something to raise money to help 
care for the precious Gems
and within hours had this tee-shirt designed and
set up!
Wouldn’t someone you love enjoy a Gem Foundation

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