Rock Solid

Well the Bossman and Liberty have returned home
Liberty was gone just about 3 months…
the beauty of online schooling!!

The kids were thrilled to see her.

I mean.
They have barely let her out of their sight
as evidenced by what it looked like as I sat down
to do Bible with them yesterday morning!
They were oblivious to me taking their pic,
which is my favorite kind of picture to take.  
You know – just a nice normal candid shot of the two boys twapping 
each other
and the rest hanging out.
A few minutes earlier, Elijah and Isaiah were wrestling
and beating each other. 
As long as no one ends up bloody, we’re good.
And what does Liberty have to say about her three months there?
Liberty remains rock solid that when 
she graduates she will 
be heading to serve the Gems
alongside her BFF.
Emma told me, over the last three months,
that whenever she wasn’t sure where
Liberty was, she would just head to 
the Gems and would find her in the
midst of them.

They loved Liberty so much!
In the meantime, 
Liberty has begun fundraising
to go back in May. 
And I’d say that pretty much sums it up.
Our hearts rejoice
that soon we will have two daughters serving together.

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