“Hey Wait!! Where’s My Name?”

I wanted to share an interesting, 
comical little conversation from the other day.
Understandably many cannot fathom what
life in a large adoptive family looks like.
It is kind of hard to comprehend our family on a day 
to day basis.
Over the years I have had a few questions from 
curious people like:
What do your biological children think of all the siblings?
Was it hard on them growing up?
Do they like having adopted siblings?
Of course, most times they didn’t use the 
word “biological” nor were all the questions quite
as polite…but I knew most had hearts that just
couldn’t understand at all…
I love that now I can respond with things like,

“Well actually of our five oldest,
all have a heart for adoption….
one has completed two adoptions
and one is fostering, not to mention that that same one
 has given her life
away to care for special needs gems on the 
other side of the world…another 
plans to adopt as soon as they are “old
enough” according to the regs
of the country their heart is drawn to;
one has an “adoption fund” already started
and the last one is totally planning on adoption to
build their family.”
So really, it’s been a pretty amazing journey.
They get it.
They loved having a large family
gathered from around the world.
And they are each other’s best friends.
And so the other day,
in keeping with this whole theme,
I was wearing the shirt pictured here:
It was designed and used as a fundraiser for my
sweet friend, Amy, who is actually in Ch*na at 
the moment bringing home number 8
{the cutest little guy in the universe}.  
The back of the tee is filled with the first and middle names
of treasures gathered lovingly from around the world.
And if I could blow the picture up more, 
one would see these listed about 3/4 of the way down:
Tyler Dwight
Autumn Elizabeth
Liberty Anna
Jubilee Promise
Nehemiah Judson
Isaiah Samuel
Elizabeth Mercy
Elijah Mueller
Ruby Grace
The kids and I have giggled how funny it would be if one of the big ones 
were out and about and standing in line and were to suddenly see 
the back of someone in front of them and be like, 

“Hey wait!! That’s my name on your shirt!”  

Anyway, Graham happened to be behind me one day when he and Savannah were
visiting and said, “Wait!! Why isn’t my name on that shirt?”  
I started to giggle, 
“Because all of these are the names of treasures that were 
adopted from all over the world!!”
He paused and laughingly asked, 
“What’s up with that?? Where’s my name?
 I want my name listed with theirs!! 
They are my brothers and sisters!!  
I say she makes another shirt so our names can be listed too!!” 
So the bottom line??
Big brother loves his sibs and would love his name listed with theirs.  
He’s so proud of each of them and none of us could imagine life without the other.  
Large adoptive families rock!! 

5 thoughts on ““Hey Wait!! Where’s My Name?”

  1. I HAVE ONE OF THOSE SHIRTS!!! Our baby girl is "Jadyn Grace Qian"; about 1/4 of the way down! I ordered my shirt before we had even traveled to bring home our precious jewel (we've been home 4 months now), but I knew I couldn't miss such an awesome opportunity! LOVE!!!

  2. Hi Linny,
    I have been thinking about Graham and that you have talked about his music. The UCB Christian radio station has a show called Undiscovered. They play music from independent artists…if you send them an MP3, it is quite likely they will play it on the show. Also, they have lately been featuring artists they really like and then putting their song on the Radio playlist. There was a recent American group – 2 brothers which they now have playing during the day. So, not just UK artists! http://www.ucb.co.uk/undiscovered if Graham is
    Sandy in the UK
    PS UCB = United Christian Broadcasting

  3. I have one of those!!!!! My baby girl's name is about 1/4 of the way down on the right, Jadyn Grace. LOVE!!!!!! We added our precious treasures name before we even traveled to get her. We've been home just over 4 months now, and it has been an AMAZING ride! Your blog is such an encouragement! Thank you for your wise words.

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