Plans and Steps…

This verse has been mulling around in my mind these last few days:
The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9
With much on my mind, I was unable to sleep any longer yesterday morning.
I just really wanted to spend some time with the Lord.
I needed to hear Him whisper.
It was 4:50am and the sky was just beginning to lighten.
We haven’t turned the air conditioner on yet this season, 
so before sitting down with the Lord I 
walked around opening windows to allow the 
cool morning air in.  
Praying while opening the windows, I began to feel that after reading 
my Bible I should write a blogpost about this verse.  
But then I began to question.
Was that really what the Lord was saying?  
So as I sat down to read my Bible, 
I questioned, “Okay, I think you want me 
to write about Proverbs 16:9, but would you please confirm it by having 
this exact verse be in my morning reading?”  
Each morning I read designated chapters using  this plan.
It is a plan that allows for the Bible to be read through in a year.
So really, to ask the Lord to allow this verse to be part of the 
reading plan was kind of a seemingly slim possibility…
I mean there are over 31,000 verses in the Bible.
What are the odds that Proverbs 16:9 is one of the verses 
designated for today?
Are you smiling yet?
Cause you’re right.
I clicked on the link and saw Proverbs 16 pop up.
Literally, my eyes grew wide.
So I have to believe that there are some reading
this post who are struggling or wondering or questioning
or asking the Lord for direction…
and some days you need it confirmed,
just like I do some days…

Throughout the years we all have many decisions that we need to make.
Some are smaller decisions. 
 Some are enormous.
Some days it’s just really hard to discern what the Lord is asking.
There have even been times when we have prayed, fasted and prayed some more,
still not quite certain we are hearing Him right.
Whatever the circumstance, when we have reached a decision,
we have prayed,
“Lord, we think this is the direction you are asking us to go.
So we are moving in this direction.
If for some reason we are mistaken, please see our hearts – 
because we only want to please you!
And if we are wrong, please slam the door shut!!”
I remember one time, while Dw was in law school,
we began to think that the Lord wanted us to change career paths.
We prayed, talked and prayed some more. 
I think we fasted too.
It was decided.  
With only months till graduation 
{What the heck were we thinking??}
we had decided Dw would quit law school 
and we would move in a different direction.
[[We still shake our heads, seriously, we must have been out of our minds!]]
And just like that the Lord slammed the door shut!
We look back on that season and chuckle to ourselves. 
We were so sure we were hearing Him right
and were making our plans,
yet in the long run He was directing our steps
and completely allowed the door to slam shut.

Praise His name!
Another time, when Dw was practicing law, 
we were in Dallas visiting and a man approached Dw
 about moving to join his law practice.
We liked the idea and were open to anything that the Lord would have in mind.
We didn’t know the man well, but he was a friend of a friend.
Dw spent time with him and then together we spent time as families.
It all seemed like this was going to be an awesome fit!
We returned home to make plans, pack and prepare.
And even though we were making plans,
God’s plans superseded our intentions and
within weeks the Lord closed the door!!

It was actually crazy how fast He slammed it!
About a year later we learned that this very man
had been disbarred!
We were shocked!
But the Lord had clearly protected us!
So friends,
if you are in need of direction today…
Pray, fast, and move in that direction
knowing that God who loves you so very much
is working the night shift on your behalf.
He will close any door that needs to be closed
and He will fling any door open 
that needs to be opened.

And if He should slam it shut, 
realize He has something so much better in store!
He adores you friend!

He’s got your back – 
You can trust Him!

21 thoughts on “Plans and Steps…

  1. Well this spoke to me loud and clear. I heard in my quiet time today, do that something and I will slam it shut if it isn't the right thing or time.

  2. Thank you for this post Linny. There is no better to live than allowing Him to direct us. I try to tell people that to be out of His will would be harder than this crazy life we got with all these amazing kids. That said, would you pray for us to persevere and see those open and shut doors? Blessings and prayers for you and yors.

    1. A friend of ours always says, "There is no where safer to be than the center of God's will." I just prayed that you would be able to persevere and be directed by His hand through the open doors. And that you would be able to rejoice at the closed doors as well.

  3. Hi Lynn. Crazy, but I think I might be the one your post was supposed to reach, today. I am discerning a vocation to be a sister or a nun, and I've been visiting communities and planning to visit others, meanwhile praying to God like, "really, God? There's like 8000 communities out there? How the heck am I supposed to tell where I'm supposed to go? What if I miss the community You had in mind for me, somehow? Do you actually want me to be a sister at all, or am I just supposed to do this for awhile and learn and grow and then go be a wife and a mom? But you're absolutely right. If I'm praying, if I'm listening to God, then he won't let me go wrong. He'll slam all the wrong doors in my face, and open others. I'll plan the flights, but God'll tell me where to go. So, thanks. :0)

    1. Thankful RhiannanT that God spoke to you through this. And looking at the comments here and FB and emails I received – I guess it was for a lot of people!! LOVE That!

  4. Thanks for posting Linny, this is so relevant to me right now. I've been feeling increasingly called to work in rural Zambia for 6-12 months (as a doctor) and am really praying for clarity from God about what he wants me to do.

  5. You put this so well! This has absolutely been my experience. I certainly want to pray and analyze and determine what God wants me to do, but I have absolute comfort that when I misjudge in my human-ness, He will take care of it. He knows I'm good with it all – I simply want what He has for me. He has slammed a couple of major doors that I felt certain were from Him. I've just learned to look forward to His fingerprints in my life.

  6. It is amazing how we see our lives and then feel the Lord call us and then when we are in the beginning of it….bam, He closes the door. Megan, our daughter, was in Navy boot camp in the first couple weeks. She got hurt….she went into separation unit…how that hurt in many ways. But through to the end, she realized that she was there to help some other women in their hurting time at the seps unit. She was thanked by a few women for her help in emotional and spiritual areas. Her dreams were dashed but she figures that's why she was there>we never know! We think of what it could have been but now we see it differently and go on in a different direction. She's nearly to the end of her online degree. Pray that the math "problems" get fixed and hopefully graduate end of summer! Thanks for your encouragement. Hugs!

  7. thank you. these were the words of my prayers last night and this morning. reading this is the assurance & comfort I need as I am moments away from a call from an adoption agency regarding taking the first steps in the journey of adopting a child as a young singe woman. as God keeps opening the doors, I prayerfully and faithfully keep walking forward. thank you.

    1. I am so excited for you!! Keep me posted, okay?? I wrote a blog post “Should Single Women Adopt?” it’s under a header “Popular Posts”…I think you will find it encouraging!!

      1. Thank you. Yes, that was the first blog of yours I read. It was linked in another woman’s blog that I had been reading. Very encouraging. I see myself often returning to read your words as I continue down this path. I am amidst the research, emails and phone calls with various agencies, narrowing down the available programs, in hopes of selecting a country. It’s a tad overwhelming.

        1. I pray for peace for you soul with all the information! I am reminded of the verse that says “Man {Woman} plans his{her} ways, but God directs his {her} steps!” May God’s direction be crystal clear!!

          1. i returned to your blog today. i have slowly been discovering the many and mixed emotions adoption will bring a prospective adoptive parent. since April, I am now deep in the home study process and have selected an agency and country. it’s been pretty incredible to see things unfold and doors continuing to open as I journey down this path. it certainly is GOD-led! I have never felt so close to Him and so able to surrender to His will than I do now. so much of this process is out of my hands. and so I have no choice but to surrender and give it to God, and why not …. He already knows and His plan is perfect for my life anyways! I’ve printed this blog entry and the other entry on why single women should adopt and attached them to my “adoption journal”. thank you again for your words & the time you take to write your blog entries. It’s been a blessing to me, and I’m sure so many others.

            1. Thank you Monica for your kind words. I am thrilled that you have embarked on a journey to motherhood!! God has something crazy-amazing in store – I guarantee!! And although the road of parenting is not always easy, it is filled with so much joy that overshadows any struggles!! Please keep me posted on who you are matched with!! I will be praying as the Lord brings you to mind!!

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