An Update on Rescuing Ruby

As I await the final edits on Rescuing Ruby I thought I would share a brief update…
We are super excited to be so close to having it actually published. 

To be perfectly honest, it hit me the other day, 
“Wow! I wrote a book!”  
I don’t think it had ever really, really, really 
hit me before.
One of the greatest joys I’ve had while finishing up writing it was to
place pictures inside it.  
The publisher is allowing me to place pictures throughout the pages.
I think there are approximately 13 pictures scattered throughout.  
Some of the pictures have never been public before.

It should be ready in about a month. 

10 thoughts on “An Update on Rescuing Ruby

  1. Congrats on finishing the book! Been thinking of you as I received a gift of coffee from Uganda, "La Patisserie" signature blend, so very, very good

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