My Daughter!

There are so many times throughout my day 
that I shake my head and marvel.
This girl right here.
Daily she has me laughing.
Yesterday there were some Essential Oils on the bed,
she had been tucked in for the night…
But she started sliding her feet over
to move them.  I said, “Hey Ruby, mommy is trying to 
sort through those, let’s not.”  
She moved her foot back.
Then after about a minute or two,
ever so slowly, 
and ever so slyly she slid her foot back over….
surely hoping I wouldn’t notice.
I moved them a bit further away.
So now she began to stretch her leg out
with all her might…
trying to reach where they had now been moved..
slowly her foot gliding across the sheets…
I started to laugh

And she started to smirk…
This daughter of mine.  
And she’s now started this as well…
I place the spoon in her mouth
and turn to get another spoonful
and turning back I find 
she has stuck her hand in her mouth
and begun to spread it all over her mouth and cheeks…
and so of course I exclaim
through my suppressed giggle,
And she grins from ear to ear….
 To think that some thought she would 
be propped in a corner for the rest of her life 
to just exist…
This girl right here has a stinkhead personality
that loves life, loves to tease and definitely
 loves to get a reaction.
She is so my daughter!!

5 thoughts on “My Daughter!

  1. I love this!!! It reminds me of when we used to visit our son in the orphanage. He was 3 and would have a great time playing and giggling, but sometimes he would cry and run for the door to go back to his groupa. I would go over to him and bring him back to us and try and re engage him. One day we were having fun and enjoying each other's company. But all of a sudden he ran crying to the door. I ran after him and scooped him up to bring him back. He turned to me and started to giggle. Little booger! I knew right then and there that he would fit in well with our family and that he would cause me a lot of "trouble". Both have rung true!! It's one of the things I love about him-10 years later! You think because they can't verbally communicate what they are thinking that they don't get it. But they know EXACTLY what they are doing! Thanks for sharing!

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