Your Friend Ruby Wants to Meet You!!!

As we were driving home from our big
3,700+ mile trip on Tuesday
we were playing our usual “Thankful Game”….
One by one the kids went around the car
naming 10 things they were thankful for
from the trip.  The conversation was lively.
We all had a blast.
The turn came to Ruby and Isaiah said,
“Mom!! It’s Ruby’s turn!”
I questioned her, 
“Ruby!  There are so many things from the trip!
What are you thankful for??”
Instantly she signed, 
Everywhere we went she had met many, many friends…
We all cheered for her signing “friends”
and then I said, “What else are you thankful for?”
Again she signed,
Over and over….
Each of her 10 on her thankful list was
And friends,
this summer we are heading across the country 
to meet Ruby’s friends…
in one place or another….
This is 
in some locations
some events are still being arranged
Here’s what the schedule is looking like.
[[These events are open to all!!]]
July 7th  
Meet Ruby  
[[Coffee Shop in St. Louis, MO]]
July 8th 
Backyard BBQ
Meet Ruby
[[Chicago area, IL]]
July 11th 
Meet Ruby
[[Library in Indianapolis, IN]]
July 12th
Dwight speaking both services 
Meet Ruby
[[church in Indianapolis, IN]]
July 13th
Meet Ruby
Backyard BBQ
[[Columbus, OH]]
Western New York 
visiting family and old friends
Saturday, August 1st 
Church Service & Meet Ruby 
[[Atlanta, GA]]
Sunday, August 2nd
[[Atlanta, GA]]

Monday – Wednesday 
August 3 – 5th 
[[Atlanta/Macon, GA or Birmingham, AL Area]]

August 6th evening
Church Adoption Ministry
Meet Ruby
[[Huntsville, AL]]

August 8th
Meet Ruby
Backyard BBQ
[[Knoxville, TN]]

That’s the schedule as it looks right now.
We are super excited to be on the road
and trust me, 
Ruby can’t wait to meet some of her friends!

 {{The above events are open to all!!}}
These dates are still available.
We are praying that in each location someone
would host an event for the area.
If you live in one of the areas mentioned 
as “available” and are interested in hosting an
event, please email me:
Subject:  Your specific city 

24 thoughts on “Your Friend Ruby Wants to Meet You!!!

  1. I live in the St Louis area, on the Illinois side. You should come visit my family's church. I sure hope to meet Ruby at the Acoffee Shop. I'll have to look up the address.

    1. Ruby asked about Denver, but we're angling across the country after Pagosa. Miss Everlly is turning ONE, so we are partying with that girl and then heading due east…And for the record – I cannot believe I have not hugged your neck yet!! I feel like we've known each other for forever!!

    1. You are *SO* right!! We are trying to figure a route out, but believe it or not, I was wondering if there was a chance we could meet you?? Been wondering it for a few weeks now. {Hence the letter this AM cause I've been thinking so much about you!} Have no idea where you live, just know PA. Email me.

  2. I have been reading your blog for a few months and was so excited to see St. Louis on the list. ( I live in Jefferson City, but would make the trip to meet Miss Ruby) However, I will be in your neck of the woods during that time on vacation 🙁

  3. I am asking God to bring you Raleigh! Also, there are so many instances in which I wish to 'save' one of your blog posts because God is speaking so clearly through them… I wish for a Pinterest or Facebook button on each one. Love you!!!

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