Swinging By…

Kinda’ crazy how our days can get all mixed up when we’re traveling.

I was thinking today….Hmmm, It’s Monday.

What should I share today?

Then I looked at my laptop and saw that it’s actually Wednesday.

I am still wondering who kicked Tuesday to the curb?

So we’ve just returned last night from a 3,700+ mile trip….7 kids and 3 dogs.

We went from Arizona to Utah, to Idaho where we were able to see my precious
friend Megan…then on to Montana where Dw spoke at a Men’s retreat and then at
three week-end services.

For the record, Montana was gorgeous!!!

Just in case you haven’t been there yet!!

And since we were that far north, we decided to  “swing by” Seattle.

I mean.

Why Not??

We were on a roll {literally}!!

Seattle’s flowers were spectacular and being a flower lover I pretty much said
the entire time we were out and about, “Oh my gracious!! Look at those!”  And,
“Look!! Did you see those??”  And, “Guys!! Wow! Look at those!”

Eventually I’m pretty sure they quit looking cause they’d heard it so much…
but really, it was unbelievable for this flower-lovin’-girl.

Then on to Oregon…where we found a quaint family owned old-timey motel…that backed
up to a river…the kids had a ball…and after meeting the kids, the owner told Dw that both
his dad and his wife’s dad had been raised in orphanages!!  How wild was that?

Totally a God-appointment!!

He then invited us back to stay and promised to set up four meetings where Dw
could share about International Voice of the Orphan and The Gem Foundation…
so a fall trip is being planned!!

Oregon was breathtaking and I could see why my grandpa settled there
many years ago.  I was kind of smitten…
except for that cold thing…

On to California

where we were able to hang out with our Abigail and her family and enjoy
their beautiful new home…complete with a crazy-amazing view


surrounded by such architecture that it was kind of a dream

for my always-wanna-be-an-architect-heart!!!

Then it was on home to Arizona.

Along the way we were able to spend time with supporters of International Voice of the
Orphan.  Such amazing memories for our souls!

This trip was kind of a dry run to see how Ruby would do…cause this summer we
are outta here and heading across the country….

And Ruby did beautifully.  


And tomorrow I hope to share our summer schedule….in hopes that I just might be
able to hug some of your necks!

9 thoughts on “Swinging By…

  1. Glad you are home. I have been praying for Nehemiah. Also for you, special lady, super mom at home is a bit different than super mom on the road! When I was about 10, my family went from Ohio all the way out to California via Nevada and up to Seattle, then across to Wisconsin and down back to Ohio. Amazing. 6 kids under 10, no animals, in an old station wagon. Dad kitted it out to sleep all of us if the weather was too bad or no place for the 2 room tent. Just put it this way, it was packed!
    And then we moved to Maine the next year! LOL
    Sandy in the UK

  2. You coming to New England area? Cuz I could SO get you into my church to minister…it's been on my heart to get an Orphan Ministry going!!! Not to mention how much I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to spend time with y'all again!!!!!! 🙂

  3. a whirlwind of a trip and looks like you had a good time. I live in OR but you were probably not close to us. We are in the Willamette valley, not too far from Portland. I grew up here, was gone for 13 years, and came back with husband and two kids! It would be great to meet you somewhere along your journeys if possible. Take care!

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