Tea For Two {Or Three}

Mimi was praying about creating a special 
time with her sweet baby girl…
Something that we could do each time
we are together, whether at her faraway home
or at home in Phoenix…
And since I happen to love, love, love tea parties,
it just seemed perfect…
I brought her a gift in a “sparkly” box…
{which doubled as our table in the window seat of her room…}
The tea pot had been a gift from Poppa to Mimi about 20 years ago…
The teacups were mine that I’ve used over the years..
And so together we had tea…
Ruby joined us and thought it was very proper…
I told her stories from when I was a little girl…
And decided I would keep track of her answer to a question
I will ask each time we have the pleasure of tea together….
“What do you want to be when you grow up sweet girl?”
“A Princess!”
“And what is Baby Brother going to be when he grows up?”
“A Monster!”
Too fun for words.
I love these two.

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