Letting The Cat Out of the Bag…

A couple of years ago Dw, Ruby and I went out to a few yard sales.  We wandered not
far from where we lived here in Phoenix as we followed the colorful signs.

One of the sales we ended up at was at the home of a woman named Jamie.  We hit it
off as we stood talking for a long time!  It turns out that Jamie and her husband had
grown their family through adoption and we hit it off immediately.

But their adoption story gets to be one of the coolest around….

Listen to just how cool their hearts are…..  

After Jamie and David’s second child, Madi was born with Spina Bifida Jamie thought,
“I can do this!!  Spina Bifida is not a big deal for me.  Why not bring home someone
with Spina Bifida?”  How’s that for giving God their lives in obedience??

Her husband was on board and not long before the yard sale Ramya had come home from
Ind*a.   So they now had two precious little girls, both with Spina Bifida, in wheelchairs!

{{Cause don’t forget – #wheelchairsarentscary !!!}} 

Well all along Ramya had talked about her best friend, Deena.   Deena was still waiting
in Ind*a with Brittle Bone Disease.   And eventually, and unbeknownst to Ramya,
David and Jamie began their next adoption…Ramya’s best friend Deena!!

Because the process for adoption from India is long they
kept the cat in the bag, until finally, 2 days ago,
they were able to tell Ramya that they are bringing 
home her best friend……

Dw and I had tears falling as we watched the video….

You can follow Jamie’s blog at….  A Worthy Journey

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