You guys!!!
Your reaction to the announcement of our precious new son #13
has completely blown us away!!
Thank you so much for sharing our joy!!  
Crazy story:
I was telling someone the other day, back in the day, when we announced
number 7, Isaiah, people cheered.
But when we announced, Jubilee, who was going to be number 8 {and then actually
ended up coming home as #10 because of losing our home to the fire} friends were not-so-enthusiastic.   Actually, it would be better to say, some were actually not happy.
I think they thought that Isaiah was just the one to “get it out of our system”.
And then suddenly, we were not just “getting this whole orphan thing out of our system”….
but passionately pursuing Jubilee….
In the meantime, Dw had found Elizabeth and Elijah…and those same folks thought
we were looney…
Well, the upside of it all, is that God has graciously brought us you guys….
and prayed with us, loved on all of us and cheered us on!!
You understand that God’s heart is for the orphan and we are so grateful
that you’re walking this road with us….
Thank you for celebrating our son!!

We cannot wait to have him in our arms and have another pile of Legos on the floor!!
SO thank you so much for praying and thank you to all who have donated to help bring him home – 
your generosity has truly blown us away!!!

And hands down,
you guys are definitely 


14 thoughts on “Whooooa.

  1. Oh boy do I know that feeling. We are only on adoption #2 and we already are getting that "not happy" and "crazy" thing from people. IT feels like confirmation to me even more that we are doing what God called us to, ha!

    1. It is rather bizarre, isn't it? The good news is, that should you keep going, eventually everyone gives up!! ha! They just kinda stand with their mouths open. And the mouth open is kinda cute {all things considered}.

    2. I can totally relate. Before even got started on number one we had opposition. It was totally CRAZY and unexpected. But though men will fail you and hurt you God is faithful. He brought of threw to a Miracle. Just praying my husband won't stop at one because of the opposition that he will keep pressing on. Excited for you guys Linny. You are living the Onward Christain Soldier Dream. Hands Open is the only way.:)

    3. One thing we have tried to do, on an interesting side note, is when I announce one, to "add a PS" that goes something like, "You can't be surprised! And this is a fair warning – we're not done yet!! You know how we hate uneven {or even, depending on what number it is that we are adopting} numbers?!" At which point, everyone laughs. They have to. It's unusually crazy joy!

  2. You know what I can't wait for? (Besides the obvious of him being home.) an updated header with that boy and his smile in that beautiful line of pictures. I think I've watched your announcement video a dozen times already. You guys are never far from my thoughts and prayers! Can't wait to hear his new name!

    1. I have been actually on a list for the blog to be updated. The person doing it is doing it for free, so it's hard to stomp my feet! ha! But they have promised in the next month! We'll see!

    1. Our Tyler was the Lego king – and he influenced the kids in a mighty big way! Our kids have very few toys, but Legos are the only one that we would be steadfast on keeping! The girls have dolls and a little kitchen set, but they love Legos too and all play Legos virtually every day. We brought a box on the trip. It entertained all in the hotel room as daddy spoke at the conference. Good stuff and brings out their creativity for sure!

  3. When we adopted we had family members say, "Well, it's your life!" So when we decided to become foster parents we braced ourselves….this time the response was, "Where do you come up with this stuff!!" Really?? And these are church going folks. Embrace the ones who celebrate with you and hope the others will see your joy. XO

  4. Your comment only appeared this time! We agree!! Both are worth a giant celebration!! Not to mention, when one of our new treasures accepts Christ? The best!

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