The Storm Clouds are Circling….

If the storm clouds that were rolling in now appear to have no wind to push them out of the area…

Or the mountains you’ve been eyeing seem to be growing…

Or you can’t see the trees for the forest….

Or the dreams you thought you were about to live out have just evaporated before your eyes…

Or the fork you thought was in your road has now become a roundabout…

Or life has found you now in a thorn bush and so out of your comfort zone that you can’t even remember what your comfort zone was…

Take heart.

God is at work.

In fact, He’s got you and your situation on His mind 
at this very moment. 

Not kidding. 

He is always, always, always at work for you and your situation.

True story.  He works the nightshift on your behalf.

And He is always faithful and trustworthy.

Like many of you, recently I have faced some difficult circumstances.  And I did what I know brings me peace like I can’t get anywhere else.   I began to fast.  And literally friends, almost instantly peace came.

The situation didn’t change at that moment, but my once-distraught heart did.  

God’s peace entered the room in an indescribable way.

I know many of you have been encouraged to fast through our Place Called Simplicity.  And sweet friends, this is yet another reminder:

Prayer changes things  


Fasting moves mountains!

But beware: 

Fasting isn’t some sort of heavenly slot machine! 

Not a chance!  

It is resigning my will to His, humbly seeking His plan, 
requesting His peace to govern and move the storms, 
the mountains and the forks while giving up the thing 
many of us love most – food! 

Then we dedicate our time spent eating or preparing food
to earnest prayer! 

Sometimes while fasting we see God move immediately.  

But not always.

Yet, we can be certain of this, whether we see Him moving or not,

He definitely is!!!  

Just like a parent whose child is having a struggle,
He loves us too much to ignore our cries.  And
He delights in bringing us peace in the midst of
what many would deem complete chaos.

If you have never fasted, I encourage you to 
begin to practice this spiritual discipline.  
It will change your life.  

Here is an excellent article on fasting.

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