One Little Boy Needs Our Help….

Dear Friends,

I am writing this from my heart.  Bear with me.

Anyone who has been hanging around here 
any length of time, knows that I am a passionate 
advocate for the orphan, for the vulnerable and 
for special needs.   You also know that I am convinced 
that God has an amazing plan for every, single life.   

There are no accidents in God’s world.  

None whatsoever.  

Physical limitations? Yes.  Accidents? No.

Cognitive struggles? Yes.  Accidents? No.

Are treasures with mental limitations any less valuable 
then the one who just won the National Spelling Bee?    
Not a chance!!!!  

Our own Ruby was a cast-off, yet look at all God has done in and through her life?
Anyone who hears Ruby’s story and then has the privilege of meeting her is truly
forever changed.  Ruby’s story has spread throughout the world for one reason –
because God’s hand of blessing and pleasure is all over her.

The crazy thing is that His hand of blessing and pleasure was on Ruby before
our Emma found her…yet it took a family saying, “We will help Ruby reach her
God-given potential!” to see it come to pass!

There is no doubt that God 
calls the body of Christ to rise up 
and minister to the vulnerable.  
His plans are that we live day in and 
day out being His hands and feet here on earth. 

Clearly God has a specific plan for families…some to minister to Ruby’s, others to minister to those with Autism,  others to minister to the medically fragile, others to minister to those with severe physical impairments, and all to encourage and support daily those that are in the trenches.

So here’s my heart and my sincere question….

There is an adorable little boy.  

He’s 9 years old.

He was adopted from Africa five years ago.  

He has Autism and some severe needs.

His family has done the best they can with his needs,
but his needs are great.

They are in need of a respite family, immediately.

For this to work, the respite family must be very well-acquainted with Autism.
They must understand the sensory issues and be able to work with them.

He is verbal and can communicate his needs.
He also understands what others are saying.

Since his needs are rather significant it would be best that he not 
have anyone younger than him in the home.  

He really, really loves dogs and he loves the Wiggles.  

He does not act out sexually at all.  

I do know him and have spent time with him in our home.  I am happy to answer 
any questions you might have.  He is currently in Arizona but he can travel to you.  

Would you be the family to be Jesus’ hands and feet and provide respite care to this sweet little fellow?  

Do you know of someone who might be willing?

The need is immediate. 

If you could provide respite immediately email and describe briefly 
how you could help and please include your phone number:
Subject:  Respite

If you know of someone who might be able to help, would you be Jesus’ hands
and feet and reach out to them?  If they are seriously interested, please have 
them email the above address.  

You could also be God’s hands and feet by sharing the 
need with your friends, church and family. 

I have cried all morning over a family for this little guy.  Savannah called and
as we were talking about the need she so tenderheartedly questioned,  

“Mom, couldn’t there be a specific family for him that God has called 
to minister to this special need where he could continue to reach his potential?”   

There is no doubt that God loves this little guy beyond measure and God does
have a very good plan for him.

Could you please help us by being God’s hands and feet to this little treasure?

Because in God’s eyes, there are no mistakes.  
and this little guy has a wonderful purpose!  

Please would you help by being God’s hands and feet?

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