The Things That Are Easy to Forget…

I was thinking about our lives and all the things that occupy our time…

Good things.

Things that we have to do.

For me, I’ve been taking Ruby for therapy, selling furniture on our local swip swap, home schooling, working on JonWesley’s adoption papers, purging the garage (you all would be so proud of me!),  doctor appointments, surgeon appointments and living life…

EmmaArthurAnd then I read something like Emma wrote yesterday.  And I could not stop crying.  It was powerful.  (You can read it here.)

Friends, yes, my daughter is a missionary, but there are missionaries just like Emmy around the world, selflessly serving, prayerfully trusting, gently caring, tenderly loving, diligently working, and even burying precious ones they love…and sadly it seems that life speeds by on our end and we can easily forget to pray for them or love on them?

They are so brave!  They are so courageous!  They are so steadfast!

But they need your prayers.

And they need to hear from you.

They need to know you are remembering and thinking of them!

The days can be long.  The nights sometimes even longer.  The days turn into weeks.  Missing family.  Missing friends.  Missing the familiar.  Missing babies being born at home, family reunions, Christmas celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners, birthdays, even just shopping for fun!

Hearing from you brings comfEmmaArthur2ort to them.

Hearing from you ministers to them.

Hearing from you encourages their hearts to forge on, even on difficult days or during rough seasons!

There are many missionaries around the world who would love to hear from you!

Do it today!

Don’t wait!!

All the things you need to get done can wait.  My stuff too.

Love on a few missionaries – it will make such a difference!

PS If you want Emma’s address, send me an email:  [subject: Emma’s Address] She often goes to her mailbox and it is empty.  She’d love to hear from you.  It costs about $1.30 to mail her a regular letter.  Thank you in advance!!

One thought on “The Things That Are Easy to Forget…

  1. Thanks for this Linny. I have just taken the time to email notes to some of my missionary friends.
    If you have time, you could send me Emmy’s address. I would love to send some encouraging letters to her and her team.
    Sandy in the UK

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