It’s Not Too Late!

Check out these pictures!!

Do you see the delight on her face?


And look at his pleased grin!!


He’s swimming!!

And how about this little girl’s kinda’ worried expression –

She looks like she’s asking her fully clothed friend, “Ummm, are you gonna’ be okay?”


And how about this little patriotic missy and these bubbles!!!

Intently working at catching some!


This little girl looks tickled to pieces to be walking hand in hand with this handsome

little guy through a beautiful sunflower field!!


And there is nothing like this fishing picture to fill my eyes with tears.

Fishing has long been one of my personal most favorite activities…


None of the above activities are costly in the terms of monetary expense, but yet they’re priceless!!

  Priceless because each of these pictures are orphans who were in the Chinese Children (CCAI)  Summer Hosting program.  Each was gifted the joy of family for four weeks.

Generous with their time, their love for the orphan and resources, these wonderful, willing families opened their hearts, their homes and their lives to love each of them this past summer.

They gave them a summer with a family that will never be forgotten.


And super exciting news – there is another opportunity for four weeks this winter!!

We can give an orphan a Christmas like none other!!


So here’s some brief thoughts on hosting:

Why host?

To give an orphan the joy of knowing what a family is like.  The Bible verse comes to mind, “Do to others as you would want them to do to you.”  Yes, if we were orphans we would want someone to open their home for a 4 week respite from life in an orphanage.   It will give them hope and memories to cling to!

Do I have to adopt the one I host?

Nope.  However, you can pray that you are the divine connection to finding their family!  How exciting would that be??

Can I adopt the one I host?

Some of them are indeed available for adoption, so yes, that is possible!!

Does it cost to be part of the winter hosting program?

Yup.  About $3,000. plus travel to and from the airport that they are being brought to.  There is also the normal expense of having them with your family.  It is also encouraged that each host family set up a head of time a trip to the family dentist and eye doctor.  Most {the ones who have a heart – ooops did I just say that?} are willing to donate their visit.  (There are some national chains that do it as well.  The information is provided.)

But I don’t have $3,000 plus airfare to the city they are being brought to, so I guess I can’t.

Friends, all I know is that we never, ever had money set aside for any of the 9 {almost 10} adoptions we have done.  Nor did we have a sizable savings account, nor did we come into a windfall inheritance.  And no, we have never taken a loan.  Our God is not a deadbeat dad and He loves the orphan more than we can imagine.  The common thread throughout scripture is that we are to care for the orphan.   Any family that commits to bring a hosted child to their home He will provide for.  I just know it.  


When I was a girl I had a sign that hung in my locker at school:

“Only one life t’will soon be past

Only what’s done for Christ will last.” 


Hosting an orphan this winter will change your life and their life.

Chinese Children is the #1 ranked agency in the United States.

They just celebrated their 23rd anniversary and have

facilitated 11, 361 adoptions to date.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Chinese Children Adoption International

and they are the only agency I will recommend {and trust me, we’ve used others}!!

I should say this as well, CCAI is who we ran to when we found JonWesley.  Yes, ran!!  There were other options, but CCAI is the best.  {And no I don’t get paid to say that in any way.} If you wrote to me about who to use, you will know that I only recommend CCAI.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the treasures available for hosting this winter!  To view all the treasures available (some have grants as well) go here.   It is required that each person sign in to get a password.  There are short videos with most pictures.  Pray with us for families to step up to host the ones that remain.  They are all so precious.


More questions?

If you live in the Eastern US – Call Kelly (407) 925-3732

If you live in the Western US – Call Michele (540) 847-9265

Would you step out in faith and host?

 Just four weeks.

Four weeks to change the trajectory of an orphan forever.

PS  Some adorable photos can be also found  on CCAI’s Instagram.

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