We Didn’t Know We Would…

Once-upon-a-time I didn’t really know anyone up close with Cerebral Palsy.   In fact I remember, years ago, getting confused about the difference  between Muscular Dystrophy and Cerebral Palsy.   I didn’t really ever think about having a child with CP. And if someone had asked me if I thought that one day we would have a little one with CP, I probably would have said that I doubted it.

And then Emma found Ruby.


And suddenly it wasn’t a wheelchair we were bringing home….it was a broken bodied teeny, tiny gorgeous little treasure!!

It’s amazing what loving someone does!

Isn’t it?

It’s true that a child in a wheelchair probably seemed a little intimidating when I was younger.  But it’s funny how the things that once seemed rather daunting now are normal every day life for us.   And CP is part of it all.

Undoubtedly wheelchairs may seem scary from afar.  But after living with Ruby’s Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy we don’t think anything about it.   Her “legs” just happen to be sparkly pink and they roll instead of methodically step.

Of course, there can be even some sweet perks to having a wheelchair {or two or three or four} in the family.  Think about it…we get to park close to the doors anywhere we go.   I mean.  That is a perk some days!!

IMG_5091JonWesley has CP too.  And since wheelchairs are no biggie, why not??

In fact in telling friends about our upcoming adoption that when we have wheelchair races in our home these days Ruby always win, so when JonWesley comes home we will have some true races!!

Of course, each person with CP has a unique situation as it affects people in varying degrees.  Ruby’s in Quadriplegic.  JonWesley can walk short distances with the use of a walker.

And there are so many orphans waiting with the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.  But friends, they honestly just need a family to believe in them, to encourage them and to love them!!


I have a sweet friend {whose neck I had the privilege of hugging} and is now a real skin-on friend!! Anyway, Randi also has treasures with CP…so please don’t take my word for it!! Randi wrote a beautiful post {since today is World Cerebral Palsy Day!!} which she gave me permission to share:

Adopting a Child with CP

PS.  Randi’s son pictured in her header {in the wheelchair} was a friend of our JonWesley’s in China.  We had the joy of meeting him as well on Rescuing Ruby Miracle Tour.  We couldn’t wait to meet him and question, “Please would you tell us about our son?”  This handsome, shy, very quiet {according to his mom} young man responded with one line, “He talks a lot.”   We laughed heartily!!  JonWesley you will fit right in over here!   If you missed our announcement of our next son, it can be found here:  Finally!! Meet Our Miracle #13!!   It even has pictures!!


8 thoughts on “We Didn’t Know We Would…

  1. We have a CP treasure from China at our house and though God moved on our hearts to do it- ruby was our encouragement when our knees were shaking!!! It’s soooo worth it 🙂

  2. We see kiddos with CP on our hospital floor all the time and it really amazes me just all that it does (or does not) entail. If people only knew how talented and sweet they all are! So fun that you got to hear that JonWesley talks a lot… Can’t wait till he gets home to you!

  3. I’d’ve never guessed it for me, either. Life is full of twists and turns, all orchestrated magnificently by God. Five years ago this week, I was moving out (while my then-husband was at work) of the house I’d just bought us, escaping the alcoholism and abuse and insanity. I spent a year alone in a tiny, peaceful little apartment, licking wounds and regrouping. One day, in the pasta aisle of the supermarket, I “randomly” ran into a man who struck up a conversation, asked me if I had kids, and when I sadly told him I did not, promised me that “YOU WILL HAVE BLESSED CHILDREN.” He vanished pretty quick; I still don’t know whether he was an angel or a human person with a prophetic word for me. After awhile I bought this big house with its big yard, still single, but believing Isaiah 54 which God had given me even before my escape. In 2013 I remarried. In 2014, when our firstborn son was four months old, we began our journey to a little boy in Ukraine who was diagnosed with CP. We didn’t know much about the condition then–all we knew was that he was our son! We didn’t know whether he’d need a wheelchair, but we were prepared for it. Four months ago we landed back stateside with him and a daughter who God had waiting for us–we’d not known anything about her when we traveled. (And two months ago, our second daughter was born.) And today, on my husband’s 47th birthday, he and I took our son to his very first meeting with his new physical therapists, who see SO much potential just like we do, and we’re so excited. He’s made A TON of progress just being home for four months–we can’t WAIT to see what he does with actual FOR-REAL therapy!
    (And like Dara, your family has been a big inspiration for me, too. I’ve been reading here since you were waiting to bring Jubilee home. I knew I wanted to adopt too, “someday,” but “someday” seemed impossible and far-off…but of course IMPOSSIBLE is God’s specialty!)

    1. Sweet friend!! What a story of triumph out of tragedy, beauty for ashes!! I love that a random man gave you a prophetic word! I would wonder if he were an angel as well!! I am thrilled that God is filling your big house with the big yard and so excited that you have a CP kiddo too! Thank you for sharing…God has been so good to both of us – how we praise Him that IMPOSSIBLE is His specialty!! xo

  4. We have three kiddos with cp whom we adopted through foster care here in CA. I had the privilege of spending many hours with each one of them while they were in their individual N .I.C.U.s. Two are micro premies. One is a thirty two weeker but was born without a heartbeat and resuscitated several times the first hour. After we had had the first one for three years and gotten acclimated to all things having to do with cp, adding the next two was an easy decision. When you’ve already fallen in love with them it doesn’t matter what may come along. They’re yours and nothing is going to change y our mind or heart. It ‘s a God thing. One of the best parts has been defying the doctor’s early prognosis. Like Ruby, each one has their own story of how God brought them to our family. I’m 56 and my husband is 58. Like you, I can’t imagine an empty house and we won’t ever be empty nesters either. Two kiddos are in wheelchairs, have mr and are g-tube fed. They are so much fun and such blessings. Our four older kids have benefited so much by being involved in foster care and adoption. Their hearts are better for it.
    Two wheelchairs…piece of cake! Our cp kids are 15, 13 and 11 now. I’m open for more if that is in God’s plan. Thank you for sharing your family. It’s so nice to ‘know’ someone else my age who’s doing it and loving it. Looking forward to your next one’s story. Blessings!

    1. I think God is so good to have such wonderful ripple effects as older ones who get to love on precious treasures!! I am watching my grandtreasures love on Ruby and it is such a beautiful thing! Any chance your family is available to come to Phoenix Saturday October 24th? Emma is speaking at an extremely special event. I would love to hug your neck at the event. Cost of special event would be covered.

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