The Most Beautiful Feet

My sweet neighbor, whom I have mentioned before, rang the bell this morning.  She had been to her mailbox to get yesterday’s mail and our mail was in hers!

I glanced as she handed me the stack and on the top I saw the long-awaited envelope!!  I squealed with joy!! As I tore it open she laughed, “I was guessing you were waiting for that!”

Looking down at her feet I said, “Oh Dorothy!  Do you remember the scripture that says, ‘Beautiful are the feet of him {her} who brings good news’?  Well  I’d say you have the most beautiful in the world!!”  Dorothy giggled with me!


Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!!

Praise the name of the Lord!! He has been so good to us!!

IMG_6395Our Immigration approval which is the last piece before our Dossier can go to China…

Sooo, handsome son, we’re a-comin’….hang on sweet boy…we are one GIANT step closer cause we can’t wait to have you HOME!!

Two steps to authenticate the paperwork, then translation and it’s off to China!!

Celebrating the faithfulness of God.

You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. Psalm 77:14


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