Biggest Shock of My Entire Life

Last Friday, Dw arrived home from Uganda.

A few days earlier Savannah had texted me a few days before asking if she could pick him up as she was on her way over to swim with some little ones she would be babysitting.

So on Friday afternoon they texted to say they were almost home.  Ruby and I, in anticipation of his arrival had gone out on the porch to wait for Daddy to arrive home.

He opened the car door and said, “You’re out on the porch!”  Thinking that was a bit of an odd response, I said, “Well, silly Daddy – we missed you!”   What I didn’t know was that they had the surprise of the century going down and that they were so relieved that they had planned ahead in case I was out on the porch!! ha!

Moments earlier they had hidden Emma with Graham around the corner! The plan was that Emma would ring the doorbell and I would go to the door and there she would be!  The only thing is that when she got to the door she couldn’t find the bell and couldn’t wait – she opened and came in!  So the shock was just about to unfold… 

Of course, not a molecule in my body was thinking that there was any sort of anything going on.

Dw came over and we hugged and kissed and he oohed and aahed about Ruby.  We then went inside and the kids came running excitedly since Daddy had arrived home!

But in about what seemed like a minute he had his phone out as though he was going to kind of record something or show me something and I still was completely unsuspecting…I just said, “What are you going to do?  Do you have something to show me on your phone?”

And right about that moment, there was a sudden commotion behind me…

Emma had just walked through the door and I had no clue…

I turned around….IMG_2394

Dw videoed her arrival as it unfolded and I’m going to  upload the video it to my FB wall in a bit…it’s such an amazing video…

Such joy in our home as slowly some of her big sibs have arrived…..more pictures soon….

14 thoughts on “Biggest Shock of My Entire Life

  1. Enjoy every precious moment!!!!!!!!!!
    I did the same thing to my mom. After living in the Philippines for ten months, I asked my sister and brother in law to pick me up from the airport and not tell my parents about it. They thought I was coming home two months later. Can’t top that Mother’s Day present. 😉

  2. Yahoo! I have been checking daily your post, since I found out she surprised you! I am so happy for you all I could cry.. Your baby is home! She is changing the world and sacrifices so much for the Call of God in her life! I’m so happy she gets to be your little girl for a little while. xoxo

    1. It’s funny you should say, “I’m so happy she gets to be your little girl for a little while”….just yesterday I said to Dw, “It feels so good that Emma can be free of all responsibilities {hers are enormous of course when she is in Uganda} but here she has been able to do anything she wants, without caring for anyone or doing anything she hasn’t wanted to!! She is a hard worker even when she is “vacationing”…pitching in with everything here, but still, she has a rest from her everyday responsibilities – and that’s soooo good!! Thank you for sharing our joy!! xo

  3. couple years ago we surprised my parents on their 50th anniversary. My sister flew home, first visit in 8 years. We had set it all up and she and her 3 children walked into a local restaurant. Even the manager was involved and helped surprise them. Wish I had a video of it but we didn’t. My brother, sister, parents and myself were all crying. I looked around and all the patrons in the restaurant were crying. It was the best present we could have given them. Enjoy the time and am so glad they were able to surprise you.

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