He Cried When He Heard

If there was a value on joy, Cody is wealthy – so very wealthy!!

It always baffles me when I meet someone, with such very real struggles, but yet, exuding joy each step or breath they have.  How is that?

How is it possible that some just smile, laughing often their way through life, while others, with no real health obstacles belly ache their days away?  I don’t get it.  It makes zero sense to my heart.

Meet Cody.  Untitled13 years and old and waiting, longing and wishing for a family.

Cody ages out in February and when he found out that after February it will be too late, he cried.

Cody’s joy reminds me of our Ruby.  Enthusiasm to the umpteenth degree.

I was thinking of the Codys, the Gregorys {who is still waiting} and all the other Nehemiahs.


Some praying.

Most crying when they know that time is running out for them.

I’m pretty certain that if they were able to come to our front door and knock, they would say,

“Please could I be your son? Might you be willing to add a bit more water and another scoop of rice to the pot of soup so I can have a bowl too?  I won’t cause any trouble.  Could you tuck me in at night and whisper that you’re so glad God made me and how happy you are that I’m your son? Would you help me achieve all that God created me to achieve?  Can you see the real ‘me’ in spite of my struggles?  Could you just accept me as I am, as though you yourself knew what it was like to be me?  Would you tell me about Jesus and how much He loves me and wants me to know Him?”   

Here’s Cody in action….he’s mobile, but non-verbal due to CP.  Yet no less valuable to God.   An auditory device would be amazing, cause Cody is smart as a whip.  Meet Cody…the little boy who knows his chances of never having a family to call his own are narrowing quickly…Please pray and then advocate for a family for Cody…

Please continue to pray for Gregory.  He still desperately needs a family by February as well.  In case you missed meeting sweet Gregory, click here.  There is also a video of Gregory as well, which leaves me in non-stop tears each time I watch it. Oh Jesus!! Please move in a mighty way on all the Nehemiahs waiting.

For more information on Cody or Gregory, please email:   cor867@yahoo.com 

And by the way, Gregory has a $4,000 grant available for a family that would consider pursuing him.  Erin has more information on that.  She can be reached at  cor867@yahoo.com 

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