My Little Photoshopping Project Revealed

The other day I asked if someone could help me with a little project that involved photoshopping.  The first to respond was my old friend Megan.  I’ve told you guys about Megan before.

She’s one of my dearest friends and attended the church we pastored in Colorado.  We became fast friends when we met.  Young enough to be one of my kids, she’s a sweet delight to know.  And Megan can do anything!

Megan’s the one who made this sign for me that hangs in our family room.  FullSizeRender

Well when Megan texted that she knew how to photoshop, I laughed and texted back, “Of course you do!”  My sweet friend has built bunk beds and tables and all kinds of crazy stuff.  She’s amazing!

Anyway, within hours, here’s what she had done.

DC Family Pic edited2 (1) Family2014-edit2

And if those weren’t amazing enough….she managed to put our Forever Family tee-shirt on him….seriously….

Family Forever edited1 (1)

Giddy, ecstatic and beaming are a few of the words to describe the joy when I saw the pics!

Cause it’s time to tell JonWesley that he’s got a family coming (in the Spring) and we’re putting together a photo album to meet us….The pictures will cross all language barriers, boldly declaring….

“Handsome son!! You fit perfectly right here!  You are part of us.  We have room for you! In fact, we need you.”

Pray with all of us as JonWesley prepares over the next months to come home – forever!

9 thoughts on “My Little Photoshopping Project Revealed

  1. I love the sign! Does Megan sell them anywhere? If not, Megan (if you are reading this!) please get an etsy shop or something of the sort set up ASAP!

  2. Wish I could see his face when he gets the news! What a treasure those pictures will be to him. On a side note I just finished reading Ruby’s Story to my children ( I read it myself as soon as I got it) They really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. What an impact that little girl is making!

    1. Oh how I wish I could skype him the news!! He’s going to be such a treasure to our family!! As for Rescuing Ruby – I am so excited you read it and that now your kids have heard it!!! Bless you my sweet friend!

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