O Canada!! Some Crazy-Amazing-Big News!!



Hey Neighbors!!

Did I ever mention that my mom was born in Canada??  Yup! True story.  Most of my relatives on my mom’s side still live there! It is a beautiful place and I spent many holidays as a little girl in Canada celebrating with family.

So this extra-special-unbelievably-crazy news is near and dear to my heart.

But first let me back up a bit.

Several years back a bloggy friend and I began to write.  {Love when bloggy friends come out of the shadows and become sweet friends!}  Her name is Feona, a Canadian, an adoptive mom with an enormous heart for the orphan.

So Fe went with a GO Team to Uganda and we had an absolute blast!!  And Fe loved, loved, loved everything about The Gem Foundation.  She loved it so much that she knew she had to do something!!



And one day she phoned me with an idea!! She wanted to set up a nonprofit for Canadians to donate through so they could help with The Gem Foundation.

I mean.

Sweet Fe, doing all she can to help the most vulnerable of orphans!! 

IMG_5804 IMG_5810 IMG_6150IMG_6047

Only God could do all He did to bring it to reality…

And the rest is history!!

Now Canadians can donate to help The Gem Foundation!  Eeeeek!!  Like seriously.  Only God.

The name of the ministry Fe started is, of course, Help The Gems!!!


And now sweet friends, you too, can Help the Gems!!  How amazingly cool is that???

Yippee Jesus!!

And that’s not all…there’s more news tomorrow….

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