Naomi’s Been Found

The Lord does the most amazing things and some days it is completely mind-boggling to imagine how He does it!!

On Leap Year day, I shared some thoughts as I was heading to get our little Pearl.  As I was finishing up the post, I wrote this:

Many years ago, probably almost 50,  when I was about 7, I was at a campground in the Finger Lakes of New York state and I met a little girl with Down Syndrome.  She was probably about three at the time, and her name was Naomi.  I was instantly smitten and in my heart of hearts I began to dream that one day I would have a little one with Down Syndrome.   I have no idea who Naomi was, who her family was, but I’d like to think that if they knew that their precious Naomi was the catalyst that God would use to place a longing in my heart, they would be tickled.

And guess what happened?

Days later I received an email from a gentleman named Joe who wrote, “My wife, Diane, reads your blog and told me about what you wrote about meeting a Naomi.  Well I went to LeTourneau Christian Camp in Canandaigua, New York and our Camp Director had a daughter named Naomi with Down Syndrome.  Would you like me to put you in touch with her family?”

My eyes well with tears as I type this post just as they did when I read his email.  I had not mentioned the name of the camp, but it was indeed LeTourneau Christian Camp in Canandaigua, New York and I knew it was sweet Naomi!!


About that time I found friend requests from two of Naomi’s siblings along with a Facebook message –  my heart was overjoyed and the tears continued to plunk.

And precious Naomi, whom God used to put a longing in my heart for a little one with Down Syndrome is alive and well in Pennsylvania where she lives with her sister Lydia!!   

With permission I share pictures of Naomi.



Seriously – can you see why I was so smitten??


12512447_10154099221198629_6812435554409525786_nMaid of honor in her sister’s wedding.




Enjoying life…


Our powerful God has used Naomi’s  life in so many powerful ways – her part in our story is just a teeny snippet of all God has done and continues to do through her.

And no doubt it’s true, if only every family had a Naomi or a Ruby or a Jubilee or a Pearl – the world would indeed be a much gentler, kinder place.  If only.

14 thoughts on “Naomi’s Been Found

  1. aw, lovely Naomi! Made me cry. I’m thinking that Naomi loves the color purple and that she has been well loved throughout her life. I agree, the world would be a happier place if everyone had a Naomi or Pearl in their life. Thank You, for sharing this story. <3

  2. I am Joe’s wife. I have followed your blog for many years now, and am always amazed at our Father in heaven ability to answer prayers. He loves to give to us. To God be the Glory!!

  3. I keep reading this blog. I am so filled with joy over the way God works. Thankful to have been a part of it all. And thankful for FB. I moved to CT at 15, and over the years, lost contact with many from NY. FB reconnected us, and through that, brought you and Naomi together.

    1. Well Joe, I am so grateful for your writing me that day. May God bless you for your obedience!! It’s a good thing I was sitting down when I read your email or I just might have fallen over! To God be the Glory!!

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