Little known fact:  My name was supposed to be Nancy.  But apparently, after I was born, my mom looked at me and said, “She’s not a Nancy!”

Well today I bring you a little one whose advocating name is, none other than


And look how precious she is!!


Nancy’s need is urgent – today is the last possible day for Nancy to be hosted!

She’s 8 and longs to come to America for a few weeks!  Her hosting program is from June 29th to July 19th – so short!!

Maybe you have been wishing you could host.  Maybe you’ve been wondering if you should.  Even debating if this is the summer to do it, well the answer is YES!  Do it!! Host Nancy!!

If money is an issue, I have never seen God move on a heart for hosting (or adopting an orphan) and not provide.

I’m reminded of the quote:  “Only one life t’will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last!”

If you recall, a few weeks back I advocated for a little boy named Cai. Cai had been hosted, but his host family would not be his adoptive family.  Yet they hosted, took videos and wrote about what a great guy Cai is – in hopes that someone would see what they saw and step up to become Cai’s family.

And as the Lord would have it, a family saw that post and now are in the process of adopting him!!

Hosting works!!  Can you imagine the crazy-amazing feeling it would be to be the connection between a treasure and their family???

You don’t have to adopt.  But you can give a precious child hope.  You can bring them such joy with memories that they will always hold dear.  They will forever remember that someone instilled how valuable they are!

Please would you consider it??  I’m pretty sure you can even be single and host.


There are plenty of videos about Nancy here.

Today is Nancy’s last possible day to have an opportunity for hosting.

Could you be her host family?

Could you help her find her family?

9 thoughts on “Nancy

  1. Oh thank you, Linny!! Praying her family – host/advocate or adoptive – sees her before it’s too late!

    1. Great question. There is a search bar on the upper right and just plug in “hosting” and a series of posts will pop up! The same for “adoption”. Also, under the tab “Popular Posts” there are several posts about adopting. And in the post about Nancy, there is a link embedded near the bottom that also will take you to one option for hosting. There are quite a few programs available, although most are closed for summer hosting. But there is always Christmas hosting!!

  2. I’ll take her! Not for summer hosting, but forever. What a sweetie! My aunt told me today that I am too “old” to adopt and I should reconsider. (I am 42). I didn’t think to tell her your story. Haha

      1. Next time I talk to my aunt, I will tell her! Hopefully with internet around so I can show her some pics of your treasures and tell her Ruby’s story. And I am sure Pearl and Vernon tell you daily that you are too old to be Mama and Dad. Haha! What adoption agency do you use? I am living in China for another 2 years or more so I am actually hoping to adopt while I am here so hopefully they will let me with my income in CHina, which is plentiful for a Chinese family _ i know I can support myself and a child on my income here. But I am going to get the process started. Also, if you can pray for me to lose weight – I am above the BMI requirement for China. I know I can loose weight, I just need to give it to the Lord and let him guide my food and exercise. Thanks, Linny!

        1. So I read your comment, and not kidding, within 5 min I noticed Vern looking a little under the weather. He had fallen about 1/2 hour ago. I decided to be silly, since some of the kids were in the pool. I said, “You want mom to sing and dance for you?” He didn’t understand so I got up on the chair next to him and pretended to be doing ballet. It made him laugh a little. I kinda fell back and landed on my bee-hind on the back of the chair…it’s fluffy, no biggie. He laughed a bit more and said, “Mom, – you old” and pretended to be stroking a long Chinese beard. HAHAHAHA. I had JUST read your comment. So apparently it has crossed his mind!! ha!

          I would strongly recommend Chinese Children {CCAI}. They are the best of the best!!

          And of course I will pray for your weight loss. The Lord is faithful!!

          1. Haha! That is hilarious. Vern does see that you are “old” but he didn’t say “too old” to be his mom! Thanks for mentioning the agency.

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