Birdie’s Joy

It’s Monday!!  And in my world, sometimes Monday just needs a little pick-me-up.

A long held tradition in our home: to show our thankfulness for our  yummy dinner we begin to clap with enthusiasm…and whoever helped make dinner stands on their chair and takes a bow or curtsy.

We usually giggle cause it often gets pretty funny.   We do this almost every night.  IMG_0555

We all love the tradition and clearly Birdie loves it as well!!

Happy Monday to you!!


9 thoughts on “Birdie’s Joy

  1. That joy was definitely what I needed today. Linny, can I ask your knee team to pray. A wonderful lady who was my high school science teacher and is now like another mum to me battled breast cancer a few years ago and was in remission. Last year it came back more vigorously and doesn’t respond to chemo. It spread to her brain and she had surgery early this year to remove it from a few spots in her brain. Just got news this morning that there’s a small spot back in her brain. She is in her very early 40s. I’ve been babysitting her kids for 7 years and they’re like my little siblings- 11 year old girl, 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy. I can’t fathom the prospect of them growing up without their Mum, it absolutely breaks me. She is such a faithful woman of God and an inspiration to many others. We are praying that God smashes this cancer into oblivion and praising Him along the way. Would your team pray with me? Her name is Julie. We live in Australia. Thank you

  2. oh my stars! I’m just now getting the chance to watch this too…but God knew I needed a smile today. 🙂 Thank you for your joy sweet baby girl! <3 …and I still think you should come through kville on your way home…! 😉

  3. Hey Linny! Love your Instagram and blog, I am so challenged and inspired by your family! My husband and I have often talked about adoption and continue to pray about Gods leading for us. I would love to hear your comments on raising a multi-cultural family. Perhaps you have already written on this but I’ve struggled to find Christian material on this subject. How do you raise children of different cultures with understanding and wisdom, or do you find that this isn’t a huge deal for the kids? How have you handled this as a Mom? Love to hear your thoughts if you get the chance. Thank you!!

  4. Yes a good smile to my face on a thursday afternoon!
    Thank you
    I have Birdies special book from when she stayed with me, thought it long gone, would love to post it to you…need an address 🙂

    Loads of love

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