Ruby’s Joyous News!!

Wow. Wow.  Wow.

You guys are completely astounding and absolutely amazing!

The way you all love our miracle girl is beyond words.  We are so very grateful!!

I think about a dozen letters came in saying they would be willing to help and  most asking if they could watch the instructional video because they thought they could build it, just from watching Ruby in her chair.

When I was telling Dw I literally broke down and started to wail big ol’ hot sobby tears cry.  

You all love our precious Ruby so beautifully! 


Thank you friends. Thank you for loving her so much!  Thank you for generously sharing the need.  Thank you for willingly responding.  We marvel at the goodness of God in giving us such a beautiful bunch of friends around the world!

As it turns out, a blog friend in the midwest read the post and after watching the video she forwarded it back to Phoenix to the son of a friend of hers that attends Grand Canyon University  (where Dw is an Adjunct Professor!).  The young man is an engineering student!!  He watched Ruby’s video and then wrote to me asking if he could watch the instructional video.  He then watched the instructional video with a classmate and they feel that they can build it.  Yippee Jesus!!

They are working on ordering all the parts and, Lord willing, it will be built before long!

On an interesting wild-side note…. the next day I received an email from the woman who is in charge of the Engineering Labs at the University and she wanted me to forward her message to tell the young man that the Labs were available for him to build there!  Only our faithful God.  

And this girl who wants to GO – will be on the move before long – chasing the dogs and playing with Birdie, no doubt – thanks to all of her friends around the world!

May God bless you friends for caring so lavishly – you guys are the best!!  xo

6 thoughts on “Ruby’s Joyous News!!

        1. Ha!! Well you will not believe what she started doing Election night! I will share soon!! Dw and I keep going back and forth between giggling and crying. She’s just defying everything!!

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