Do You Know Someone Who Could Help Our Ruby?


I have an enormous favor to ask.

This little miracle-girl of ours needs some specific help.

We don’t know how to find the help, so we’re putting a call out.  There has to be someone who knows exactly what to do!!

Every piece of Ruby’s life is a miracle and this girl of ours has made such gargantuan progress.  The Lord has done such beautiful things in her healing…and now we need some equipment made so she can continue her healing!!

A local agency has made the bottom of a chair (pictured below).  [[It’s the red piece, complete with wheels, motor and adaptive switches.  Ruby’s white chair fastens on top with huge velcro pieces.]]

The agency that made the red piece wants every child who can benefit from it to have one although they do not make them for people.  Instead, they made a video to help someone construct one.  They used things that are readily available so the “average” person could build it.

Ruby owns the the white part of the chair.  It needs to be made bigger, but we are trying to figure that part out too.  What we need help with is the red bottom with the motor, wheels and the adaptive switches.  The motor is actually a windshield wiper motor!!  The adaptive switches can be purchased without any problem.  The wheels as well can be purchased.

We will buy all the pieces that are needed, what we need is someone who is electrically/mechanically minded and can watch the video (we will provide the link which is a step-by-step instruction video) and figure out how to make it for Ruby.

Ruby thrives while at therapy.

In fact, she wants to move all day long!!  

But we need someone who can make the red bottom piece with wheels and motor and adaptive switches for her chair to fit on.  So we are putting the call out!!  

Could you be the answer to our family’s prayers?

If you are within proximity of Phoenix (a day or two drive away) we can drive to you and pick it up.  If not, we will have to figure that part out too.

Both Dw and I have absolutely zero mechanical/electrical skill but we just have to believe that God is moving and that there is someone out there who would not only be able to do it, but would enjoy helping our sweet miracle and be able to do it quickly!!!  We don’t want it to be a chore, but a joy…cause Ruby is too wonderful for anything but!

Watch the video below and see just how Ruby loves this adaptive chair.  When she gets to therapy she often lunges herself forward, her whole body clearly saying, “Hurry up, get me in my moving chair!”


I cry thinking of the possibilities of Ruby having these wheels/chair in our home.  Watch out Birdie, she’ll be chasing you in no time!!  We have been praying for months for whoever it is that can help Ruby.  So, if you or someone you know can help, please email me at: APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com    Subject: Ruby’s Miracle Wheels  

**Please do not message my FaceBook account – write only to the above email address!**

As much as I would love suggestions, also please do not write telling me to write to someone you know and ask them.  We are praying specifically that someone will see this and write on their own accord.  This is our heartfelt plea.

We know the Lord has a good plan for Ruby…and this is just another step!!

Would you be willing to share the need with your friends? Someone must know someone who can help.  

PS  The video is only 1.25 minutes long…so be sure to watch it to the end…Ruby’s such a miracle!! Praise the name of the Lord!

And 7 more seconds of pure sweetness….

10 thoughts on “Do You Know Someone Who Could Help Our Ruby?

  1. Linny –
    You might want to try a local high school shop class or college with mechanical engineers. They may do it as a service project for you!

  2. Okay… this is not about the chair BUT she is doing so amazingly well. Even though i have followed her story i wasnt aware at just how well she is doing sooo many things!


  3. Praying someone can help. I have no skills in this area, but God knows who does. May this be a blessing not only for Ruby but for them as well.

  4. What a delight to see Ruby spin around in that chair of her own accord! Praying you find just the right person to help you.
    (Samantha brought me to tears of joy today. There was a time we weren’t sure we would ever hear her voice, but today we heard her vocalizing beyond just one or two syllable sounds, to multiple babbling sounds in a row!)

    1. Isn’t it so fun Jolene? We found the right person – more in the next post! And I am thrilled about the progress Samanantha is making! I get it. Every step is enormous for these treasures! Yippee Jesus!!

  5. This is no help at all with her chair – but Ruby is AMAZING!! And I love her squeals at the beginning. That girl has so much yet to say and do!

    And Elizabeth… oh my gosh, but you are growing into such a beautiful young lady! !

    1. I love that people noticed the amazing stuff Ruby is doing now!! Such miracles – thank you for celebrating our joy! And yes, Elizabeth is no longer a little girl…oh where does the time go??

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