For Four Days in January

Last night I told the kids, get ready – it’s picture time!  If we didn’t hurry, we would miss it!  And I just have to have a chronicle of this monumental event (for us) each year!

Our beautiful girl turned 12 the 1st of January.  She loves.  It’s that simple.  Oh how she loves.  Since I spent my growing up years playing with a little black dolly, I’ve told Beth, “You are my dolly come to life!”  Elizabeth’s spunk is unmatched.  This girl is a rare treasure!


Then a few days ago this handsome guy of ours turned 11.  Check out that dimple.  I mean, seriously.  He’s sensitive, adores his baby sisters, hysterically funny and when something is happening, he is the first to ask, “Should we pray about that mom?”  We couldn’t imagine our lives without him.


So with Elizabeth and Elijah having a birthday, and Jubilee’s birthday the day after Christmas, for four days these six are 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 years old.


Isaiah turns 14 today which ends the 4 day streak…but it sure is kinda’ fun for those four days!

Talk about dimples, this guy right here…

I’ve been reading The Memorial Box to the kids, one chapter each week on Fridays.  We just finished the chapter about Isaiah’s adoption.  When I was reading the part about asking Isaiah what God can do, I turned to him and posed the question, “What can God do?”  Isaiah’s smile lit up as he responded, “He can move the mountains!”  He is living proof that God loves the orphan, hears our cries and moves the mountains, whether they be foreign governments, seemingly immoveable regulations, unbudging bureaucracies, or financial obstacles.  He is capable of moving anything.  Isaiah is living proof – there is no mountain that our powerful God won’t move to accomplish His plan!   IMG_0171

Of course, with taking a few pics I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some of the other three….



And yes, I feel like I am the most blessed woman in the whole world.  Our God has been astoundingly faithful to me.

PS That is our Christmas tree still up.  It still feels cozy during the Arizona “winter”.



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