“Are You Here to See Me?”

While visiting my dad in Buffalo I spent part of each day with him where he lives.  On Wednesday at dinnertime the staff had told me that guests are not allowed in the dining room while the residents eat.  I walked over to the hallway outside the wide entrance.  As I turned to face the dining room a resident right next to where I was standing motioned to me and questioned, “Are you here to see me?”  I smiled and responded that although I was not the person she was hoping for, I would be more than happy to see her.   She continued, “Are you a minister?  I called for a minister to come and pray with me…”

She was absolutely precious – let’s call her Mabel.  I explained that although I was not the minister she had called for, I was a pastor and I would be more than happy to pray with her!  Her eyes welled with tears as she continued, “I found out I have dementia and Alzheimer’s and I am just so scared.  What is going to happen to me? I’m so scared.”

Wow. What an incredible opportunity from the Lord!  I told Mabel I would be honored to pray with her.

I then took my time to simply and easily explain about finding true peace through Jesus Christ.  True peace can only come through our mighty God who loves her, sent His only son to die for her so that she could live forever with Him.  Putting our lives in His hands is our only way to have assurance, peace, rest and hope.  Although Mabel knew about Jesus, she had never personally given her life to Him and placed her trust in His promises.

Over the next few minutes I told her how He loved her so very much – in fact He died for her and for each of us.  I told her that Jesus was the only way to true peace – no matter what our circumstances are.  I then asked Mabel if she wanted to invite Jesus into her life. Through more tears she told me that her sins were many – I told her that each of us were sinners and all of our sins were many!  She then eagerly said she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to be her Savior.  I also explained the power of prayer and how we can pray 24/7 because Jesus is always with us when we invite Him into our lives.

So right then and there we prayed together and instantly, when we were finished praying, her countenance had completely changed.  The anxious, fearful, overwhelmed expression she had had a few moments earlier was now one of complete peace.  There is no doubt that Mabel had sincerely put her trust in Jesus and He had given her great peace. She thanked me profusely for praying with her.  I hugged this dear, sweet lady and promised to pray for her in the days ahead.

The next day as I prepared to fly back to Phoenix I went to find Mabel before seeing my dad.  Mabel was so happy to see me.  We prayed together again as I explained I would be returning to Phoenix but I would be back in a few months.  I assured her that I would continue to pray for her.  Hands


Friends, knowing Jesus personally is the only way to true peace.  Our lives can take many unexpected turns, but He is always with us when we put our trust in Him.  What a privilege He allowed me in praying with Mabel as she gave her life to Christ.  I cannot thank Him enough for the incredible honor of our “chance” meeting.  He loves us each so very much!

6 thoughts on ““Are You Here to See Me?”

  1. What a joy that Mabel is a sister in Christ! I like to call these: Divine Appointments. They are the kind of appointments you don’t have to schedule because God orchestrates them. He is so amazing!

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