This Mother’s Day!!

Yes, today is my most favorite day of the year.  It’s the day I dreamed about since I was a wee little girl… longing to be a mom of 18.  For me being a mom is my greatest joy, my most incredible challenge and the one thing that keeps me on my knees in prayer – ha!

I realize that many long to be mothers but have not yet been able for one reason or another whether infertility prevents this joy or other circumstances prevent it at this moment.  I pray God’s peace upon you as you wait.

Of course at our home we honor birth moms – courageous heroes who chose life for their treasures and made the bravest decision ever.  We thank you a million times over.

This is my 36th year matching my treasures.  Back in the old days I would make outfits for each of us…first just the girls and I and then moving to all of us, except Dw.  Eventually I had to give it up and just order matching tee shirts.

My most treasured pictures are the ones from Mother’s Day.  I’m living my dream and ever so grateful for the astounding faithfulness of our great God.  He has blessed me far more than I’ve ever deserved.  And in no particular order (just like my life!) here’s a few of my favorites of the most wonderful treasures I could have ever been gifted.

The beautiful girl who started it all…







Version 2




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