Urgent Need at The Gem!!

Can you please help The Gems?

The Gem Foundation has an urgent need for Gastronomy PEG Tubes and lifting the financial burden these last few months have brought?

Here are six different ways to help:

1.  Maybe your child has an extra PEG tube of one of the sizes below.

2.  Do you know a doctor who is willing to write a script (we can email you each child’s info for the script)?

3.  Do you have a medical supply store who is willing to share (we can buy them if needed) with the Gems?

4. As most know The Gem Foundation has had an enormous amount of hospital stays, surgeries, medical needs and even two burials.  The financial need is very real, it is urgent and if you are able to help with the medical needs, the hospital stays, the surgeries, or the cost of the PEG tubes, would oyu be willing to help share this burden?  If yes, please donate here. 

5.  Please pray with us that God’s people will rise up to help meet the needs in this beautiful place that serves the broken bodied orphans of Uganda.

6.  Share the need for this life-saving medical piece…and ask your friends to pray and help…



Sizes:            14FR AMT mini-one

                      2.0  cm

                      2.5 cm

               (6) 2.7 cm    – 14 FR 

                (3) 3.0 cm   – 14 FR 

                (1)  3.0 cm –  18 FR

                        3.7 cm

                        4.0 cm

                        4.7 cm

If you have any one of these (or all of these) we need them like YESTERDAY!!

Please contact:  APlaceCalledSimplicity@yahoo.com   Subject  PEG Tubes  

The tubes must be shipped via FedEx (Dw can arrange if needed) to Uganda unless someone out there in bloggy land is coming in the next week or two.  Anyone out there coming to Uganda soon or know someone who is coming soon?? Please would you be willing to help?

PEG tubes are not available in this country so the surgeon asks The Gem if they have the PEG tube and once they do, the surgeon schedules the surgery.  Two Gems need immediate replacement of their PEG Tubes and two Gems each need a PEG tube put in and one medically fragile child of a single mom needs one as well.

Precious Noel thanks you from the bottom of her heart for helping her brothers!!



5 thoughts on “Urgent Need at The Gem!!

  1. God has truly blessed The Gems with such loving, caring and compassionate staff who provide love and hope to these beautiful children. Will continue to keep you all in prayers and do what I can to help & support.

  2. Linny,
    I am not sure if this will be of any help but wanted to let you know about an organization called HERO which stands for Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization. They are located in Fargo, ND. They are a non profit that collects and redistributes useable healthcare materials to people in need. Their website states that they donate locally and globally. I am not affiliated with them in any way but over the years I have read many articles and seen them featured on our local news about their good works. Their website is http://www.herofargo.com
    I thought that even if they are not able to help you with getting the peg tubes, they may be a resource for you in the future for such things as iv tubing, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Since you will be able to identify yourself as being with another non profit, they may also be able to share sources with you, if they do not have the supplies themselves. They are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5 pm. (central time). Their phone number is 701-212-1921. I live in rural Minnesota about an hour out of Fargo. If they do have the supplies available but are not able to ship them for you, I would be willing to pick up supplies and ship them for you now and in the future if needed. Feel free to email me privately. Tammi

    1. Thank you so much for all this valuable information! I would love to see if they might help with a few things for the Gems. Thank you for your willing heart to serve the Gems in this way. I will talk to Emmy and see what is still needed. There were two who said they had access and were willing to help so let me see what I find out. If I need you, I will email you privately. Thank you for loving the Gems – they are truly amazing! I miss them so much when I am in the States!

  3. Hi Linny: Looking online there is a company called Vitalitymed.com. I see all kinds of gtubes for a reasonable price. Do these kids have the Mickey buttons? As you know that is the way to go with SN kids that have enteral feeds, but since that is a small surgery I am sure that is cost prohibitave for the Gems. Does Emma replace these on the kids as that is an easy thing to do if she was trained. Of course you can tell I am an RN. Are most of the kids bolused their nutrition? My dream is to come and make a trip someday and offer my skills. If I can help in any other way please let me know. SInce you know a lot about these special kiddos could you put out an email to some friends to see if anyone has some to donate too if you shipped them? I will pray that the Lord will provide for all of the needs. Laurie

    1. Thank you so much for the information!! I will look into them. I would love you to come with us on a GO team one day! I am sure you could lend invaluable information! A few people have stepped up with this urgent need and some should be speeding their way to Uganda soon! Thank you again!

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