Thank You for Praying – Birdie’s Home

Thank you for all your prayers.   She is finally home!

As it turns out Dr. K was not able to be part of Birdie’s surgery  but one of his partners was.  I was wondering what this different anesthesiologist would say about me taking her back to the Operating Room.  I barely started to ask him and he smiled as he spoke, “No problem.”  Wow, just wow.  No fuss, no muss, no advocating and trying to convince.

I did say while in the OR holding her to sleep that she had had significant trauma before coming home to us.  Carrying her into the OR and holding her till she was asleep just made it so much sweeter as it assured her that I trusted the people who were about to take care of her.  I was so grateful for God’s hearing our prayers.


So thankful for toys as we waited.

On a humorous note, the nurse walked in to where Savannah and I were waiting with Birdie for her turn.  The nurse turned toward Savannah and looking back at me questioned, “Grandma?”  I laughed and said that although I am a Mimi, I am Birdie’s mother. 

By God’s grace, we were even allowed us back in recovery while she was still intubated so she heard my voice before she even woke.  It did take our little Birdie a long time to wake up.  Her vitals remained good after removing her intubation and her IV.  Eventually I was allowed to put her in my sling and although she had not shown really much sign of waking, she tucked right in and snuggled right down into my sling.  She slept the entire way home. Finally when we reached home she woke up – which the interpretation for that is that her sweet sibs are motivation!

Anyway, we will see in the next few weeks how successful the surgery was as she heals.  Thank you for your continued prayers for success.


3 thoughts on “Thank You for Praying – Birdie’s Home

  1. PRaying for Birdie. I am glad you got to go in with her and be there when she came out. I had a procedure on my back a few months ago. In the recovery, there was a poor wee boy who was having such a hard time. I think his dad was there but not the mum or the other way? I was still dozy myself! But he was crying so hard and trying to take the IV out of his hand. I kept praying for him. Poor wee lad.
    Sandy in the UK

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