Johnny Says It Was 50/50

A few months back our Johnny-boy told me he dreamed of becoming a chef.  Although he sits at the table and helps with chopping vegetables, measuring food for baking and stirring ingredients he’s still been hankering to work at the stove.  I totally confess that because Johnny falls fairly often the thought of him working at the stove makes me freak out a tad anxious.

He is considered a quadriplegic but has the partial use of one hand. When we leave the house he uses a wheelchair for safety reasons or otherwise he would get very exhausted!  However most of the day while home he stands with a walker and is able to kinda’ drag his lower body to a standing position where he moves his walker forward a tad and drags himself along.  It must be so exhausting, yet he never complains.  He uses the walker in an attempt to balance himself, which as I mentioned, doesn’t always work too well.  So the reality is that we have to be very careful!


IMG_4701 (2)


Of course in the last two years he’s been home Johnny has watched his younger and older sibs working at the stove doing cooking and baking and he longs to be able to do it too.   So yesterday morning the timing seemed right, the kitchen was rather quiet (it’s all relative, right?)  and I was able to show our son how to make two fried eggs for breakfast.




Try breaking an egg with one hand that sometimes cooperates while balancing the remainder of your self.  Ha!  This kid is amazing how determined he is and I’m confident that one day he will master the fine art of breaking an egg perfectly with one hand.  For now though picking a little shell out is really no biggie!  And who am I kidding?  I still have to pick shell out from time to time!







When he was done I asked him how he felt.  He turned and grinned and spoke with enthusiasm, “50/50!”  I was like, “50/50? What do you mean?”  He beamed his famous smile again and in his heavy Chinese accent answered, “Fifty percent excited and fifty nervous!”




Oh Johnny-boy!  I am so very grateful that you are learning to cook.  It’s all part of growing up.  Life’s been hard for you sweet boy – you waited almost 14 years for your forever family to find you. You are truly one of the bravest people I’ve ever met.  You never complain.  Like never.  Not ever.  No doubt, you would love your hands and arms to be free from deformity and your legs to carry you running with your sibs!  You’d love to jump on the trampoline and do flips like they do.  You would be tickled to help lift Ruby for me instead of me helping lift you off the floor.  Yet you never complain.  You’ve faced medical challenges that most never encounter and yet you smile that smile of yours.  You are incredible, kid.  You make this mama’s heart smile.  I’m so grateful we found you.  We needed you.  We really did.  And  you bring us great joy  – you egg-frying guy you!!

7 thoughts on “Johnny Says It Was 50/50

  1. Way to go, Johnny!! This is so exciting and we’re super proud of you! I’ll be excited to see what you make next! You have the greatest attitude! Go, Johnny!!

  2. I’ve seen famous chefs on tv break eggs with one hand, so I KNOW you’ll accomplish this with your patience and determination!! Can hardly wait for your Mom to post the pictures of your victory!!

  3. Go, Johnny, GO! I’m about to try something new myself, and I am 50/50 as well, but you know what? If YOU can do it, then I should have the courage to try too (I’m 58, by the way). so thanks for being my inspiration. P.S. Your smile lights up the world. 🙂

  4. One thing he might be able to do is to break the eggs in a small dish first and then pour it into the pan. Until he gets the hang of it.

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